Aarhus Vocal Festival
2-5 June 2017

General Assembly

We are working hard towards AAVF 2017 and has already come along way with all the concerts, workshops and schedule. Come and join our meeting and hear how we organize ourselves and how you can help us! Monday, September 19, 2016 at. 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Musicology, Langelandsgade 139, Aarhus. The meeting room on the 4th floor of the main building Agenda accordance with regulations: a. Election of chairperson b. Election of secretary c. Chairman’s Report d. Presentation of the audited accounts for approval e. Presentation of the budget and the setting of quotas f. Proposals g. Election of board h. Election of deputies i. Other Proposal to be treated in item.

Competition Sign-Up is open!

Now you sign your vocal group og choir up for the competition. Do that here. Prizes: The top three contestants in each category will receive these awards: First Prize: DKK 20,000 Second Prize: DKK 10,000 Third Prize: DKK 5,000 Read more here.

AAVF 2017 is happening!

We are thrilled to announce, that Aarhus will once again host one of The Worlds Greatest Vocal Festivals! Therefore we would like all of you singers, choirs, choir conductors, vocal Percussionists and fans of vocal music to mark your calendars, and get ready for the next version of Aarhus Vocal Festival taking place next year, 2017 the 2nd till the 5th of June. By this time, our city will not only be swarming with vocal performers and enthusiasts from the entire world. Aarhus will also be an International Epicentre of Culture and centre of attention as ”The European Capitol of Culture 2017”. In other words: This year is gonna be a.

Working on a new festival

We are all working on the new festival and have great news in a bit. AAVF 2017 will hopefully be the best festival ever and we can’t wait to tell you about the program and our planning! Hang in there and keep yourselves updated here and on our facebook page.

General meeting – 14th of September

The Board are meeting this night to talk about the future and find new board members. Generalmeeting – 14th of September, 16.00 @ The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus Indkaldelse generalforsamling AAVF 2015

Evaluating & Looking Forward

The AAVF board are meeting for an evaluation and thinking about the future of AAVF. Do you want to see an Aarhus Vocal Festival in 2017?

All The Winners 2015

Vocal Groups 1. The Junction (20.000, Dkk) 2. Åkervinda (10.000, Dkk) 3. Blend-in’ 4 (5.000, Dkk) Special prize – innovative arrangement, vocal groups: Åkervinda Special prize – innovative performance, vocal groups: MIX Choirs 1. Vivid Voices (20.000, Dkk) 2. Dopplers (10.000, Dkk) 3. Fonty’s Jazz Choir (5.000, Dkk) Special prize – innovative arrangement, choirs: Vivid Voices Special prize – innovative performance, choirs: Dopplers

Choir Competition Winner 2015

VIVID VOICES Since 2009 singer & conducter Claudia Burghard is leading the VIVID VOICES of about 45 university students. The students are all part of the University for Music, Theater, Media of Hannover. Drummer, Singers, pianists, guitarists, organists and any instrumentalists meet in the choir to follow their collectiv passion of singing jazz & pop music. The jazz & pop Choir VIVID VOICES was founded by Prof.Anne Kohler, who conducted the choir about 15 years and developed the group of students to a great acapella ensemble who won several prices and competitions in Germany and even the Aarhus Vocal festival in 2006. The young and friendly group is spraying their.

Vocal Group Competition Winner 2015

THE JUNCTION The Junction is an a cappella vocal group from The Netherlands, formed by five devoted vocalists. They share a passion for vocal harmonies and tight rhythms, while translating modern songs and classics into their own compositions. Their voices are used as strong and expressive instruments, switching from modern jazz harmonies to crazy hip hop beats, and from dazzling solos to tight vocal percussion. In 2013 The Junction performed at Vokal Total Festival in Graz, winning the award for Best Jazz Arrangement for ‘Singing in the Rain’. In September they went on a concert tour in South Korea and to ‘top off’ the year, the group was support act.