Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Contestants – Vocal Groups

Winners of the competition:

Elephant Claps from Italy won the 1st prize in the vocal group competition at AAVF 2017. The second prize went to Skety from The Czech Republic and the third prize to Soundescape from Germany. Thank you to all of the participants in the competition – you have all brought happiness and beautiful music to the AAVF 2017.

Chilli da Mur

Chilli da Mur is a vocal group from Styria/Austria, which interprets popsongs and traditional austrian music in its very own way. You will be listening to Jazz-harmonies, improvised yodelling and a wide range of emotions within their performance. They started as a vocal trio in 2006, but in 2014 they decided to add an accordeonist and a fourth voice. Since then they got into the finals of the austrian TV Show “Die Große Chance der Chöre” and took part in the international A cappella Competition “Vokal.Total” where they were very successful and received a Gold Diploma. They were also part of this years BerVokal in Berlin and recently recorded and released their first Album. Also they’ve recently been touring through Austria, Germany and Switzerland.



SKETY is a vocal group made up of young professional Czech jazz singers and musicians who are fully engaged in the contemporary scene. In July 2014, SKETY were awarded the Ward Swingle Award in category Jazz at Vokal.Total in Graz. As each member also fronts their own projects including solo and big band appearances, their singing together is a rich and much loved platform for all of them.

Their debut album has received 4 CARA nominations and one of the tracks was published in the SING12 compilation by CASA. During their last tour in Taiwan SKETY received a second prize Golden Diploma at The World Contemporary A Cappella Competition in Taipei. Their second album is due in March 2017 under Warner Music Czech. SKETY are the organisers of a brand new event – the Prague A Cappella Festival (www.pacf.cz).


Stacked was born in September 2014, because Annalisa Schmad was convinced that women’s ensemble music didn’t have to be boring. Annalisa had a vision for a women’s vocal group with edgy, sometimes original repertoire that could also have groove.

Stacked is 12 ladies and a guy. The guy, Sander Gieling, is the vocal percussionist and gives the girls a good groove to build on. Stacked sings unusual singer-songwriter charts; original charts written by Annalisa and always makes a party on stage. In the short time that Stacked has been around, they have won nearly every competition they have been involved in. They love to perform and want to grab you with their passion and their pumps.
Annalisa, the conductor, graduated in June 2016 from RAMA Vocal Center in Aalborg, Denmark and is leading workshops and coachings all over the Netherlands.


Blend-in’ 4 is a vocal group consisting of five professional singers from the Conservatory in Tilburg (NL), all sharing a passion for vocal jazz. Blend-in’ 4 mainly sings close harmony music from old style vocal jazz (e.g. repertoire of ‘The New York Voices’) to more modern music including choral groups like ‘The Idea of North’. Besides singing existing arrangements, they also arrange their own music.

The four members: Liset van Hoornall, Juliette Reuzer, Dennis van den Tillaart and Rohan Poldervaart all studied at the Fontys Conservatorium Tilburg and are working as professional singers, conductors and music teachers.



In December 2014 Julia Reckendrees, Ramona Peter, Yannick Flaskamp, Jan-Hendrik Herrmann and Eike Leipprand met to create something new. The mutual vision had been clear right from the start, fresh arrangements, broadness of styles and most importantly big sound. So when, together with Julius Gass as sound designer, the group started working, a name had already been found: Soundescape.

As a newcomer with a unique sound, the band won first prises at the Solala A Cappella Festival (April 2015) and German A Capella Contest (August 2015). The repertoire grew steadily and soon included Top 40 Hits like “Uptown Funk” (Bruno Mars), “Fix You” (Coldplay) and “Hello” (Adele) alongside less mainstream songs as Björk’s “Jóga” and “Stääne” (Klüngelköpp) in local Cologne dialect. In September 2016 Soundescape released their first EP titled “Illusion”. Six tracks, including “Big Girls Cry” (Sia), “Animals” (Maroon 5) and “Both Sides Now” (Joni Mitchell) take the listener through different musical styles and emotions.

Now, Soundescape are looking back on an exciting year with great moments, singing with EH440, Onair and other great bands and looking forward to a new year which will be kicked-off by voc.cologne and performing alongside Maybebop in January.

Elephant Claps

Elephant Claps has ears that capture melodies, feet that stomp multigrooves and a polyphonic trunk. It’s a pachyderm based out of Milan, born out of the collaboration of six musical beings that weave rhythms and colours tinged with a mixture of afro-funk-reggae-soul-latin-jazz using only air, pressure and vocal chords.

Groove, improvisation and energy are the key words that characterize this “unconventional” sextet, which performs original music ranging across various soundscapes. The band is composed of three female voices, two male voices and a beatboxer. They have been making a name for themselves in and around Milan since 2015.

In June 2016 they participated in the Solevoci international a capella competition where they won first place in the pop/gospel category in addition to prizes for best project and best song arrangement. In October 2016 the band took part to the international format TEDx at Teatro dal Verme in Milan. They are now recording their first album.

Members: Mila Trani, Serena Ferrara, Naima Faraò, Gianmarco Trevisan, Ivo Barbieri and André Michel Arraiz Rivas.

Look at Elephant Claps´ facebook page