Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Friday Night

June 2nd 7.30 pm at Ridehuset

Friday Night is the concert of contrasts: The Beatbox Collective turn our focus to the beat as the main actor, ONAIR make us enjoy the wonderful world of harmonies while Hartmuth und die Hitmachine and Anna-Maria Hefele shows what you can do if you are a miniature group of two or a single person and the focus turns to melody, loops and overtones. These groups are demonstrating the contrasting world of vocal music and the extremes when it comes to sound and harmony.  

The Beatbox Collective

With over 10 years of battling at the top level, performing and teaching worldwide and individually pioneering their art form. The Beatbox Collective is comprised of the leading beatbox artists in the UK Ball-Zee, Bass6, Bellatrix, BFG, Experimental, Hobbit and MC Zani. Each credited for their respective styles and statuses, they have merged to form incredibly high impact and energetic shows and were recently crowned as the official World Beatbox Champions in 2015. Ranging from live music production of all genres, physical theatrics and crowd participation, no two shows are ever the same!

Originally commissioned by Shambala festival in 2011 they formed to build an exclusive main stage performance and went on to have done the rounds of the festival circuit for 5 years now with Glastonbury, Boomtown Fair, Bestival, Lovebox, Secret Garden Party, Boom Bap and many more under their belt, including a self written and produced 5* show and sell out show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016.

With rapid recognition internationally by affiliated scenes and art forms TBC have had headline performances at the World B-Boy Championships, World DMC Championships, Humanbeatbox Festival, Secret Walls and End of the Weak World Finals. This group is opening up eyes, ears and dance floors to the dynamics an elite group of vocalists can deliver.

This is an experience for all audiences, giving the understanding of what can be done with just musical minds and microphones and pushing the boundaries of the human vocals.



The award-winning vocal band ONAIR (Berlin, Germany) is one of the shooting stars in the world of a cappella music. With their debut at the renowned Aarhus Vocal Festival in Denmark in 2013, the sextet started winning all major prizes of the international vocal scene in no time. For music critics, colleagues and a cappella experts ONAIR already rank among the best vocal pop bands worldwide. Experience the power, beauty and energy of ONAIR,  its distinct musicality and intense stage presence.

ONAIR comprises: André Bachmann (tenor), Kristofer Benn (bass), Stefan Flügel (baritone), Marta Helmin (soprano, alto), Jennifer Kothe (soprano, alto), Patrick Oliver (baritone, beatbox/vocal percussion)


Hartmuth und die Hitmachine

“A cappella miniatures” could be the title of the creations of this two-person marvel. A school friendship started to develop into a musical symbiosis that is more than hard to resist for the masses. Lukas Teske and Patrick Oliver (active Singers with MAYBEBOP and OnAir) are just two people but deliver a perfect Pop concert.
Mankind meets machine. The loop device just knows, when it’s time to record or to play them, and so they are able to bring huge or tiny little song diamonds on stage, hands-free. Their charming and open characters bring the audience to ecstasy, especially while they are (almost) stripping to the buff.
With this incredible and absolutely novel performance, the two right-handed guys caused quite a stir at vocal.total 2011 in Graz and Aarhus 2013. Now they are in the best mood to fascinate the world with their vocal skills. loop it! link it! like it!


Anna-Maria Hefele

“The lady with the two voices”, “Polyphonic vocalist does the impossible” are a few of the headlines overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele has been known by.

Anna-Maria Hefele is a voice artist with an unusual skill: she is capable of singing multiple voices at the same time. Overtone singing is an ancient technique, which very few people are able to master on the same level of quality as Anna-Maria. Anna-Maria Hefele has been starring in various TV-shows and her YouTube videos have resulted in more than 10 million views. She started with overtone singing in 2005 and has written compositions for polyphonic solo voice since 2006.