Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Saturday Night

June 3rd 7.30 pm at The Symphonic Hall

New York Voices

2013 marked New York Voices 25th Anniversary and they show no signs of slowing down. This critically acclaimed vocal group has refined their musical story to a high art. They are known for their close knit voicings, inspired arrangements and unparalleled vocal blend. Their chameleon-like musicianship allows them to move seamlessly from setting to setting, be it orchestral/big band to the intimate trio lineup. With deep interests rooted in jazz, Brazilian, R & B, classical, and pop, their music mixes traditional sensibilities with more than a dash of the unexpected. They are first call from great arrangers and conductors like Don Sebesky, Michael Abene, Keith Lockhart, and Rob Fisher who all know and admire the complexity of what they do and want something out of the ordinary, something extraordinary. Like the great jazz vocal groups that have come before — Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Singers Unlimited, and The Manhattan Transfer — they are firmly a part of that legacy and are dedicated to passing it on to generations to come.

Formed by Darmon Meader, Peter Eldridge, Kim Nazarian, Caprice Fox, and Sara Krieger, New York Voices had their first performances in 1988. Darmon, Peter, Kim, and Caprice attended Ithaca College in NY and were part of an invitational alumni group formed to tour the European Jazz Festival circuit in the summer of ’86. In 1989 they would sign their first record deal with GRP Records and release their self titled debut album, New York Voices.

NYV has traveled the globe with their elegant music, amazing audiences the world over with their impeccable voices and stunning arrangements. “Live, they’re just as impressive to witness,” says Mathew Lurrie of Time Out Chicago. “We dare say there may be no better way to understand the wit and wink of jazz harmony than via these Voices.”
Along with their extensive concert performances and recording schedules, NYV also works in the field of education, giving workshops and clinics to high school and college music students throughout the world. NYV have cultivated a philosophy of teaching over their storied career and have designed a roster of electives that students choose from while also participating in one of four jazz choirs directed by one of the New York Voices and the all camp piece directed by Greg Jasperse. It is a six-day summer intensive that is instructive while also being personal and nurture based.



Touché is a prize-winning vocal group of 12, based in Scandinavia. Conducted by Jesper Holm, the group captivates audiences all over the world with its unique performances of big band music and vocal jazz, with the voice as their only instrument.

The ensemble combines the endless possibilities of vocal music with the swing, power and energy of a big band; showing remarkable musical and dynamic range and pushing the boundaries of what a group of just 12 voices can accomplish. At a Touché performance, you will experience brilliant vocal lead trumpet, swinging vocal bass, and dazzling scat improvisations as well as close harmonies and heartfelt ballads. Inspired by legendary groups and artists such as the Singers Unlimited and the Count Basie Orchestra, Touché provides the audience with a first-rate concert experience, every time.

Touché consists mostly of young professional musicians from Denmark and Sweden. Also focusing on collaborations, the group has had the pleasure of performing with Sinne Eeg, and big-band-battling the world class DR Big Band, among others. Most recently, Touché has regularly been touring Scandinavia, Europe and North America, performing live on TV, in large concert halls as well as in intimate jazz club settings.

The timeless legacy of Big Band music in combination with the group’s persistent striving for the perfect sound has earned Touché their reputation – no one does it like Touché does! Having already released two albums and the recent EP “A Small Treat”, Touché is working on their third full-length album, expected to be released in 2017.


Echoes in Veil

The idea of how a vocal co-operative should work and sound is significantly challenged as Echoes in Veil uses the individual identities of their singers to create a unique sound that interacts with electronic beats and live vocal mixing to set the stage for an interesting arrangement of artistic liberty.

The idea is to combine music already composed for the electronic setup of the group; but simultaneously leaving enough room for creativity to flourish and hereby incorporating ideas instantaneously as they occur within the group as improvised passages. It is evocative and mindful pop music filled with ambiance and sharply defined aesthetic choices.