Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Sunday Midday Concerts

Sunday the 4th, 12 noon

Location: Ridehuset


The Gospolitans – a Hamburg-based choir with 50 powerful voices, founded in 1998 by conductor Soerin Bergmann. Grown inseparable, both musically and socially, the Gospolitans sing with a passion. Because of their multifaceted musical nature, including elements of Funk, Soul, and Jazz you cannot put a single label on them. In the past, the Gospolitans not only managed to sing straight to the hearts of the audience but also into the minds of the judges while singing at choir competitions.


Stacked was born in September 2014, because Annalisa Schmad was convinced that women’s ensemble music didn’t have to be boring. Annalisa had a vision for a women’s vocal group with edgy, sometimes original repertoire that could also have a groove.

Stacked are 12 ladies and a guy. The guy, Sander Gieling, is the vocal percussionist and gives the girls a good groove to build on. Stacked sings unusual singer-songwriter charts; original charts written by Annalisa and always makes a party on stage. In the short time that Stacked has been around, they have won nearly every competition they have been involved in. They love to perform and want to grab you with their passion and their pumps.
Annalisa, the conductor, graduated in June 2016 from RAMA Vocal Center in Aalborg, Denmark and is leading workshops and coachings all over the Netherlands.


Location: “Lille Sal” (The Small Concert Hall)


Nebensache (“Side issue”) is a young pop & jazz vocal band from southern Germany. For us, singing is at least the (second) best thing in the world – or the (second) most important side issue in our lives. So back in 2012, it came naturally to start something together. Since then, we have been developing our skills, working with well-known coaches, and of course giving concerts, with a distinct focus on demanding pop and jazz songs.


The Vocal Group RUM (“Room”) is 5 female singers based in Copenhagen, who are all individually deeply engaged in music. The genre is fluidly defined as nordic inspired a cappella music with a focus on harmonies and lyrics. RUM gets their inspiration from wherever they please – if they like it, they sing it. This decision brings the group into cover versions of artists like Regina Spektor, Alberte Winding and Oh Land in own arrangements, as well as original material. RUM was established in 2014 and has existed in its current constellation since September 2015. A concert with RUM invites to tranquillity and serenity.

RUM is Christine Eva Pedersen, Ditte Rejnholdt Jensen, Louise Rygaard Jensen, Margit Haahr Østermark and Mie Rank Brunberg.


Blend-in’ 4 is a vocal group consisting of five professional singers from the Conservatory in Tilburg (NL), all sharing a passion for vocal jazz. Blend-in’ 4 mainly sings close harmony music from old style vocal jazz (e.g. repertoire of ‘The New York Voices’) to more modern music including choral groups like ‘The Idea of North’. Besides singing existing arrangements, they also arrange their own music.

The four members: Liset van Hoornall, Juliette Reuzer, Dennis van den Tillaart and Rohan Poldervaart all studied at the Fontys Conservatorium Tilburg and are working as professional singers, conductors and music teachers.