Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019


Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket for the AAVF 2017 Festival.


  • Normal festival ticket: DKK 1.495,-
  • Group festival ticket or student/youth festival ticket: DKK 1.250,-
    • Groups of 10 or more people
    • Students must show valid student ID at check-in
    • Youth Festival tickets are for people who are 25 years old or younger at the time of the festival – 2nd of June 2017.
  • Pre-festival ticket: 75 DKK (regular ticket), 40 DKK (students or under 20s)


We are of course looking for volunteers for the festival, and you can sign up here.


When you buy your ticket you are also choosing your workshop priority.

You can buy your ticket on both computers, tablet and smartphone.

How do I buy a Group Ticket?

When you buy a group ticket, one person in the group buys the ticket (with one type of payment) and after that, you get a link to the workshop sign-up that everyone in the group can use. Therefore you can choose whichever workshops you like, even though you are part of a group. Remember to be certain that you are 10 people or more when you buy the ticket. If someone should not be able to attend the festival, the ticket can be passed on to someone else.

Flexminds offers technical support and can help you in case you need to make changes to your selected workshops or the like. Please e-mail Flexminds support at support@flexminds.dk.

If you experience problems with buying tickets or signing up for workshops, the problem might be your choice of browser – try another one.

Watch the Tutorial Video: 

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