Aarhus Vocal Festival
2-5 June 2017

tickets and workshop INFO

Here we have collected info about buying tickets and choosing workshops. If you don’t find your answer, check out the general FAQ’s here or e-mail us at contact@aavf.dk.

BUY your ticket

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  • Normal festival ticket: DKK 1.495,-
  • Group festival ticket or student/youth festival ticket: DKK 1.250,-
    • Groups of 10 or more people
    • Students must show valid student ID at check in
    • Youth festival tickets are for people who are 25 years old or younger at the time of the festival – 2nd of June 2017.


We are of course looking for volunteers for the festival, and you can sign up here.


When you buy your ticket you are also choosing your workshop priority.

You can buy your ticket on both computer, tablet and smartphone.

How do I buy a Group Ticket?

When you buy a group ticket, one person in the group buys the ticket (with one type of payment) and after that you get a link to the workshop sign-up that everyone in the group can use. Therefore you can choose whichever workshops you like, even though you are part of a group. Remember to be certain that you are 10 people or more, when you buy the ticket. If someone should not be able to attend the festival, the ticket can be passed on to someone else.

Flexminds offers technical support and can help you in case you need to make changes to your selected workshops or the like. Please e-mail Flexminds support at support@flexminds.dk.

If you experience problems with buying tickets or signing up for workshops, the problem might be your choice of browser – try another one.

Watch the Tutorial Video: 

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FAQ About Tickets and workshop Sign-Up

Buying tickets and general questions

  • Can I participate as a single person in the workshops or are they only for groups?

Everyone is welcome in the workshops, both as persons with individual tickets and as a member of a group

  • How are the workshops distributed?

The workshops are distributed after the first come, first served principle

  • Are the workshops specifically for singers on a beginner level?

The workshops are for singers on all levels – from beginners to pro’s

  • Can I get a refund on my ticket?

No, unfortunately not, but the ticket is not personal and therefore you can give it to someone else

  • Does concerts and workshops cost extra on top of the standard ticket price?

No, all concerts, workshops and coachings are included in the festival ticket

  • Which credit card and payment options are possible to use?

Most credit and debit cards can be used, like VISA and Mastercard, check out the list of payment options here: www.dibs.dk/kortbetaling. Bank transfer is not an option.

  • Is the Pre-Festival Concerts on the 1st of June included in the Festival ticket?

The pre-festival is not included in the festival ticket and you buy your ticket when you show up for the concerts.

  • Do I need to bring the tickets on paper (printed out), or do you accept digital tickets on smartphones and tablets?

Yes, we do accept a digital copy of the ticket and a paper version is not necessary.

  • Is it possible for family members or friends who dont have a festival ticket to buy tickets for the main concerts?

Unfortunately it will not be possible to buy single tickets for the main concerts. This is due to a limited number of seats in the concert halls and also the terms on which the concert halls were rented. We are not allowed to sell single tickets.

Meal tickets

  • When can I buy my meal-ticket?

The meal-tickets will be available soon and we will of course send out a notification on facebook and newsletter, when they are ready.

  • I’m a vegetarian – where do I give notice about this in the sign-up process?

When you buy your meal ticket you can of course give notice about the choice of vegetarian food.

Group tickets

  • Someone in our group/choir cannot attend, can we give the ticket to someone else?

The ticket is not personal, so yes you can pass the ticket on to a different participant. Unfortunately we cannot do a refund.

  • If we are 10 students can we get both the Group ticket discount and a student discount after that?

No, unfortunately we are only able to provide one type of discount per person.

  • We are now more members in the group/choir than when we bought the tickets – can the new members join our group ticket and get the same group ticket price?

Yes, that will be possible. You should contact Flexminds at support@flexminds.dk to make the additions to your group ticket.

  • Does our entire group need to be at check-in at the exact same time, or can the first person who arrives collect our tickets and we can get them from him or her?

You can of course get the tickets as the first member of the group, when you arrive. We would prefer to avoid a large group or choir to meet up at the same time in front of the check-in desk, because it would result in long ques and general confusion.

Workshop sign-up

  • How many workshops can I sign up for?

There is a limit of five workshops per participant, but if you like you can of course also choose just two, three or four workshops during the festival – there is only a maximum limit of five workshops.

  • The sign-up system did not work when I made my choices and now my first priority is not available anymore – can I join my first choice after all?

You might be able to change your prioritees in the workshop sign-up, contact flexminds at support@flexminds.dk

  • I didn’t get my first priority workshop, can I get a refund on my ticket?

No, unfortunately we cannot make a refund, but it is possible for you to give your ticket to someone else.


  • If we apply a coaching are we then guaranteed a coaching session?

Unfortunately you are not guaranteed a coaching as there may not be enough coaching sessions for all the groups that apply.

  • Can we request a specific coaching instructor?

It is not possible to request a certain coaching teacher. We try to make the best matches possible between groups and teachers. But there are many things to take into consideration to finish this puzzle. You can write a note if you have a wish for a certain teacher, but we cannot guarantee anything.

  • When will we know if we have been offered a coaching session?

We are distributing the session in mid March.

  • What happens if the coaching session happens at the same time as a workshop, that the group has signed up for?

If your group/choir is granted a coaching session and you have chosen a workshop in the same time slot, you will lose your workshop seats and the coaching will count as a workshop.

  • Can you tell us when each coach will do their session/sessions?

No, unfortunately not yet – you will of course know when the coaching sessions are distributed mid March

  • If we are 40 singers in our choir and only 20 are able to attend the entire festival, can 10 of our singers who don’t have festival tickets join in the coaching session that we have been given by the festival without having to pay for the entire festival?

Unfortunately we have to set a limit to the number of persons in a group attending af coaching session, and therefore it will not be possible for members to attend without af festival ticket.