Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Theme AAVF 2019: Elements












In 2019 Aarhus Vocal Festival (AAVF) proudly presents the theme Elements.

Elements of music, Elements of life, Elements of culture & Elements of nature. With the festival theme AAVF wishes to bring together Elements in the broadest sense imagined as well as the more specific and well known such as earth, water, wind and fire as well as the musical rhythm, timbre, harmony and performance. Let us bring Elements to life!

Come join us for AAVF 2019!

Having it’s home in Denmark, AAVF is specifically inspired by the strong historical and cultural bond between the Nordic countries. In 2019 AAVF celebrates this connection in a thematic grand finale festival concert: “Elements of the North”, uniting the overall festival theme with specific trademarks of the north, such as specific cultural and stylistic expressions connected to geographical regions, folklore and it’s role in vocal music today as well as cutting-edge innovation of the North.


Aarhus Vocal Festival (AAVF) is one of the leading European festivals of contemporary choral and a cappella music primarily featuring pop, rock, jazz and world music. In 2019 AAVF will take place from May 30th to June 2nd in the Danish vocal city of Aarhus. Almost 1000 vocal enthusiast from all over the world get together for four intense days of workshops, lectures, concerts and “sing-alongs”, creating a special atmosphere and networking opportunities for professional composers, conductors, teachers and singers as well as passionate ensemble singers of all levels.