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NEW 1-Day Ticket for AAVF

We now have the opportunity to sell a number of 1-day tickets for Friday the 31st. The ticket includes up to 3 workshops during the day, Main concert and afterglow on Friday Night.


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Ticket Sale

Regular Festival Pass and Food Tickets are - SOLD OUT - to join waiting list contact us at contact@aavf.dk (still tickets for the Pre-festival and Sunday Brunch)

Buying Tickets - How To!

Individual tickets, workshop selection and meals

When you buy your individual ticket you will register personal information and contact info and
at the same time, you will register for workshops and be able to buy a food ticket and/or Sunday Brunch Ticket and/or a Pre-festival ticket add-on. There is up to 5 workshop choices included in a Festival Pass. Please Note, that choosing to attend the audience at the competitions counts as a workshop.

Group Tickets, contact person and choices

When you register a group, the person signing up as the contact person will register his or her own contact info and after the registration, the contact person will receive a link for the rest of the group participants.

When the members of the group use the link, they will provide their own contact info, their workshop choices and choose if they want to buy Food tickets and/or Sunday Brunch tickets and/or Pre-festival tickets. There is up to 5 workshop choices included per person. When each member of the group receives the link for sign-up and chooses, for example, a food ticket and a pre-festival ticket, they will also be paying for these choices individually.

At the Group registration, the contact person will have to:

– Choose whether the group wishes to apply for a coaching session.
– Choose whether the group would like to perform a showcase concert at the festival.

More info on coaching sessions can be found at this link

First come, first served

All ticket sale and workshop registration are “first come, first served” – we have a limited amount of tickets for sale and access to workshops depends on the available room and the type of workshop.

If you have questions regarding the content of workshops, concerts or any practical matters regarding the festival please send an email to contact@aavf.dk

If your questions are regarding the ticket sales platform, payment of the tickets or if you made a mistake in the information you gave during sign-up and you would like to change it – like your choice of workshops for example – please concert support@flexminds.dk and they will help you out.

You can also use our Frequently Asked Questions section here

Changes and/or corrections to your registration is manual and happens by contacting flexminds support at:

Tel: +45 44 22 88 88

Not all requests for changes can be met if the workshop, for example, has been fully booked in the meantime.

Tickets and Prices

Regular Festival Pass – SOLD OUT! (for waiting list contact us at contact@aavf.dk)
(incl. workshops and all concerts)
DKK 1.545,-

Group Festival Pass  – SOLD OUT! (for waiting list contact us at contact@aavf.dk)
(incl. workshops and all concerts)
DKK 1.295,- (group discount for groups of 10 people or more)

Important Info on group sign-up: If you are a group/vocal group/choir of fewer than 10 people and you would like to perform or participate in a coaching session, please sign up as a group and buy a group festival pass (you will then pay the price for the regular festival pass (1545 DKK per person, but will be able to join coaching or performance)

Youth and Student Festival Pass (under 25 or student with student ID) – SOLD OUT! (for waiting list contact us at contact@aavf.dk)
(incl. workshops and all concerts)
DKK 1.295,-

Concert ticket for the Friday Night Main Concert
Elements of Vocal Jazz- Buy your tickets at this link

Concert ticket for the Saturday Night Main Concert
Elements of the North- Buy your tickets at this link

Regular Pre-Festival Ticket and Youth ticket
(Wednesday night concerts is not included in the Festival Pass)
DKK 75,-  / DKK 40,-

Lunch and Dinner Food Ticket – SOLD OUT! (Regular, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free), (2 x lunch + 3 x dinner)
DKK 635,-

Sunday Brunch Ticket (Sunday at 10.00) – SOLD OUT!
DKK 85,-



Ticket and Workshop Selection Guides

How to choose workshops, if you are a “regular” choir singer who “just wants to sing”?

Definitely go to the Open Singing, which is an unofficial and open choir session – no sign-up is necessary, you just show up! The arrangements are not complicated and there are usually at least 100 people. Sheet music gets distributed on sight. At 4 pm you could either join the Sing it Out Loud! Groove and phrasing with Tine Ohrt which is more of the same – pop music with sheet music on sight. You could also join the Icebreaker workshops with Tine Fris-Ronsfeld and Kristoffer Thorning, which is a fun way to meet new people and kickstart your festival!

The safe choice is always the workshops with Jens Johansen. This year Jens is doing workshops with Disney songs. The workshop has two modules, and you have to choose both modules if you choose this option. The songs will be performed by the workshop choir on Sunday night at Night Stage in Ridehuset. Another option is the “All Ears” workshop with The Real Group. In this workshop, you don’t need sheet music at all. You will use your ears to guide your voice.

At 2 pm on Friday, you can join the Epic Pop workshop with Christian Fris-Ronsfeld, which is all about great choir music and epic sound. If you would like a “listening break” at this point you could go to “Meet The Real Group” or join as an audience member at the competitions (it counts as a workshop to join the audience at the competition).

Keep singing with Jens Johansen or join the Loop Songs workshop with Bertrand Gröger. Saturday afternoon you could try the “What’s up Barbershop”-workshop or go to the competition again. Saturday at 4 pm there is also a fun workshop with Morten Kjær, where the focus is on choir music from the Nordic countries.