Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019


Aarhus Vocal Festival is a festival for vocal enthusiasts and performers, happening every second year. It is a celebration of the immense range of expressions, genres, and talent that is found in the world of Vocal Music.

Whether you are a professional vocal performer or an amateur, a conductor, a singer, a vocal percussionist, beatboxer, solo artist, loop artist or just an interested individual who wants to explore a cappella and Vocal Music, this festival is among the world’s best places to learn, network and be inspired.

AAVF is constructed around three main components

Every day and evening of the festival you’ll have access to concerts, ranging from local groups to the greatest internationally recognized vocal groups, choirs and singers from a range of different countries. We carefully select the performers with an eye towards a wide representation of different styles of vocal music, and with the goal of providing the best conditions for a powerful and intense musical experience for our participants.

The festival also consists of a large selection of workshops, instructed by professional vocal- and performance-coaches. You’ll be able to learn everything from basic to advanced vocal technique and beatboxing, to out-of-the-box lessons, to how you combine your voice with digital technology. It’s up to you which theme you want to focus on, what you want to improve at, or what you are curious to know more about. No matter who you are or what you want to do, we are confident that you’ll be exceedingly satisfied to see what we have to offer.

At AAVF, vocal groups and choirs will again have the opportunity to participate in front of an international jury, who will decide which group and which choir will get the cash prizes as well as the opportunity to perform for the whole festival audience on the last night of the festival. All participants at the festival may attend the competitions for vocal groups and choirs, as they perform and compete for both the winning title and huge recognition, at one of the world’s most prestigious vocal competitions.

In other words: AAVF brings the amateur and the professional together. The festival covers many fields of vocal music, and whether you are there for networking, learning or just want to be entertained by the constant flow of performances and concerts, we are certain that your days in Aarhus will make you very, very happy…