Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Group dynamics

Why do some teams work better than others? We don’t know, but what we do know is that communication is vital for a healthy working environment, and that communication takes place on two levels: What we say and how we say it.

Oh, and then there is also something about what we say, and what we do, the timing we choose, and who says what to whom, right? Does it sound complicated? Let’s zoom out like on “Google Earth” and get some perspective and let’s zoom in again and check out the coloured hats, have fun with the yes and no game, try out a piece of the birthday-cake-model, climb the concert pyramids, so we can enjoy the view of the star model and talk about why you should think twice before you use the word ”NEW”.

We are going to talk about strategy and structure, dreaming and decision-making, flow and freedom. Get in and let’s go places!

Instructor: Tine Fris