Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Annemarie Homann and Emily May ‘t Hoen (The Single Singers)


Annemarie Homan

Annemarie Homan started making music from a young age, first by playing keyboards/organ and then moved on to singing. Her love for close harmony singing only started when she went to university in Utrecht, where she joined a students close harmony choir (Dekoor). After that Annemarie Homan was hooked and moved on to singing mostly a cappella and also doing a little bit of arranging. The Single Singers is a simple idea that has proven its strength over the past five years, by bringing singers together from all over the world to sing a few songs together and to build great new friendships.


Emily May ‘t Hoen

Emily May ‘t Hoen have been singing all her  life. As a teenager she first learned about a-capella music by The Nylons from Canada and Dutch Montezuma’s Revenge. In the following years her addiction grew, listening to her favourite groups: The Real Group, The Swingles, Slixs and of course Vocal Line. Emily May ‘t Hoen sang in several choirs and small Vocal Ensembles and participated in workshops and choir projects. Nowadays she finds pleasure singing in mixed a-cappella quintet Seacret in The Hague. Apart from that, she loves to visit international festivals and organize The Single Singers.

The Single Singers, a global a cappella community

After the first performance at the London A Cappella Festival in 2012, The Single Singers have quickly become a global phenomenon, Since 2012 there have been eleven Single Singers encounters at festivals in Europe and similar groups have been popping up in the USA and Asia.

I’ts inspired founders started the group as a way to give singers that were coming to the festival on their own the opportunity to actually perform in a group. Besides that, it is a wonderful way to meet interesting new people. And best of all, they all love a cappella singing!