Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Michael Bruus

Currently in close collaboration with Vocal Line and Postyr, the list of artists Michael Bruus has worked with over the years reads like a Who’s Who of the danish choir world. Including groups like Vox 11, Sono, Local Vocal, Voicebox, Syng Selected and Vox North – to name but a few – and artists like Morten Kjær and Kristian Skårhøj among others.

It goes without saying, that Michael Bruus is an expert sound engineer with special knowledge on the requirements of choirs and vocal groups. Outside the choir field, he has worked with just about every kind of music, ranging from classical to rock. Running his own company – Lydkontoret – along with a degree in Musicology, Michael Bruus has a know – how and expertise second to none.

Michael is doing a workshop on Live Sound Production Technique