Aarhus Vocal Festival
2-5 June 2017

Thue Thesbjerg

Thue Thesbjerg has been in the field of contemporary choir music since 1991 when he started studying musicology at Aarhus University and started singing in Vocal Line.

Since then, he has conducted various choirs and been doing workshops for singers and conductors. Most recently he conducted Syng Selected, a rhythmical youth choir of highly gifted young singers from all over Denmark.

Thue has been a key person in developing, organizing and conducting five AAVF festivals and since 2007 he has held the job as consultant for SYNG – an organization of youth choirs in Denmark.

Thue has been singing in the late Vox North and is affiliated with The Royal Academy of Music as a censor. He arranges and composes as well, and he recently finished composing a musical for children.

Today Thue’s main occupation is teaching at a Danish High School as associated professor in Music and Sports.

Meet Thue when he tells us to Sing it!