Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Set Your Youth Choir Free

A modern teaching method for youth/children’s choir

Take a good look at your youth or children’s choir. Do they look free, like professional singers? Yes, no, sometimes? Then imagine the kids soccer-team down the street. Do the kids there look free? The answer is probably ‘YES!’

So the question is: How do we set our young singers free? How do we create a loving and safe environment where the kids get so inspired and excited that they can’t help but expressing themselves just as freely on the stage as they would on a soccer field?

It is possible to create a vocal performance with young singers, that resembles the level of professional singers, and it is also possible to teach young singers to sing authentically with soul. However, the choir leader must know how to communicate, how to relate, how to create the right energy in the room in every moment of the rehearsal.

It is about having the right approach to working with blend, grove, sound, performance, voice technique etc. But it is also about how the singers experience those terms in their voices and hearts, and how you teach them to make music in a fearless and joyful way.

Instructor, Signe Sørensen, does not only present the musical and pedagogical methods; you will also get to try them in action. Signe will bring 3 arrangements you can take home with you and sing with your own youth/children’s choirs afterwards. The musical standard is high, and the playful joy of singing fills the rooms, when Signe takes the lead. You won’t leave this workshop empty-handed.