Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

Singing Jazz the NYV Way

New York Voices has formed their philosophy of collective singing and sound built on healthy voice technique, knowledge of many styles of music and the nuances that define them, and the desire to artfully build arrangements that represent the melody, lyric, harmony and rhythm.  This workshop will discuss the rehearsal process, the way in which we break down sections to finesse and perfect, in search of a wholly satisfying outcome.  We will provide short excerpts from two NYV charts for the students to learn so we can break down in quartets to a workshop and refine a group sound.  Darmon and Lauren will insert themselves in some quartets to help demonstrate conceptual and aural ideas.  And if there is time left, they will entertain questions and answers.

Instructors: Darmon Meader and Lauren Kinhan