Aarhus Vocal Festival
May 30th to June 2nd 2019

VOPA (Vocal Painting)

Vocal Painting (VOPA) is an extensive collection of hand signals that can be used individually and/or in combination to communicate non-verbally between conductor and singers. These signals can be utilized with known material to convey small details during rehearsals and especially performances. They can also be used to create “music of the moment” (improvised music).

VOPA is inspired by “Soundpainting” which was developed by Walter Thompson (USA), but has been redesigned to complement traditional conducting techniques. There are currently 75 VOPA signs and new signs are still being developed, but the first five signs are sufficient to achieve significant improvement in musical expression with any choir or vocal group. The signs are easy to understand and the conductor can use them to work on the rhythmic DNA of the chart or to adjust the musical expression within basic parameters. It is quite surprising how easy and fast this system works.

Instructor: Jim Daus