Friday Main Concert: Elements of Vocal Jazz

Elements of Vocal Jazz

At the “Elements of Vocal Jazz” concert, we hope that a cappella superstars The Real Group will “pass us some jazz” and bring some of their favourite songs from their album “Elements”.  The opening act for The Real Group at the main concert “Elements of Vocal Jazz”. Who is it? Well, could it be any other than Accent?

Like always, we like to give things a little twist and the experience of AAVF extra special, so we asked Accent to join forces with Trey McLaughlin, who will add a flavour of contemporary soul and gospel to Accent’s modern jazz.


Musikhuset (Concert Hall Aarhus)


Friday, May 31st at 19.30


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Artists at Elements of Vocal Jazz

The Real Group, Accent and Trey McLaughlin

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