Masterclass by Team RAMA Vocal Center

Open and Free Masterclass by Team RAMA Vocal Center

Thursday May 30th at 10-14

The Royal Academy of Music/Aarhus ‘RAMA´ and AAVF proudly presents:

Masterclass by team RAMA Vocal Center:
Jim Daus Hjernøe – The Intelligent Choir philosophy & Vocal Painting
Peder Karlsson – Singers’ Tools
Malene Rigtrup – Arranging & Interpretation Tools
Jesper Holm – Conductors’ Toolbox
Guest lecturer: Rock and Metal singing by Noa Gruman (Israel)

The masterclass will be a fun learning experience for choir leaders and ensemble singers who want to get an overview of the newest and most innovative working styles within ‘rhythmic’ vocal music. How do you make vocal music sound just ‘right’ when it comes to styles such as pop, rock, jazz, gospel, world, improvisation, vocal painting etc.? Many choirs and a cappella groups face this challenge in rehearsal as well as in performances featuring these musical styles. Team RAMA Vocal Center provides the answers to meet this challenge!

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