Pre-festival 2019 featuring SYNG

We are happy to continue our collaboration with the Danish Youth Choir Association, SYNG, at the AAVF 2019 Pre-Festival.

The Pre-Festival takes place at Ridehuset the day before the official opening of AAVF and features SYNG’s two ensembles Syng Selected and Syng Youngsters as well as five young Danish choirs, vocal groups, and soloists.

Who is SYNG?
Syng is a Danish youth choir organisation. Since it’s founding, Syng has funded, developed, and supported a large number of events and projects all over Denmark in support of its goal: “Bringing awareness and understanding of the joy of singing to young people between the age of 10 and 30”.



Ridehuset, Aarhus C


Wednesday, May 29th @ 19.30 – Doors open @ 19.00


The PRE-FESTIVAL is not included in the AAVF Regular Festival Pass – it is an add-on ticket




Syng Selected - Syng Youngsters - SONO -Vox 11 - Thorsen - Barbaros - Vocal Frostbite


Vox 11 is a unique and internationally recognized rhythmic vocal ensemble with deep roots in the Jutland mulch.
The group was founded in 2002 and consists of 10 experienced singers. Vox 11´s repertoire is modern groove-based a cappella music inspired by modern R&B, pop/rock and the Nordic sound universe. The group is award-winning and has concert and tour activities in both Denmark and abroad. Vox 11 has released three CDs: Take Off from 2008, Roots from 2013 and Home for Christmas from 2015.
With Vox 11 you are ensured a unique concert experience thanks to the group’s empathy, musicality, harmony and special charm, which repeatedly captures touches and moves.

SYNG Youngsters

Syng Youngsters - 80 voices of tomorrow

Get ready for a massive teen choir of youngsters from all over Denmark! This project is showcasing some of the choir singers of tomorrow and their talents and spirit. Get inspired by the grand harmonies of 80 young people, raising the roof of Ridehuset and kickstarting Aarhus Vocal Festival with a shout-out to all young singers around the world. The Youngsters will sing Danish pop music and hits from the world of Disney movies.

Conducted by Thue Thesbjerg who works as a consultant/project leader for SYNG and in his daily life teaches music at the Danish High School “Aarhus Katedralskole” – he is also one of the original masterminds behind AAVF.

Featuring singers from:
Ollerup Efterskole, Aarhus Efterskole and Aarhus Katedralskole at the ages between 15 and 19.

Syng Selected

Syng Selected is an a cappella choir consisting of 30 of Denmark’s most talented young choir singers in the ages of 18-30 years. Syng Selected was founded by the Danish Youth Choir Association SYNG in 2014 and showcases the newest trends in modern a cappella music. The choir is a project choir and every two years there is a change of conductor/musical director. At the moment Syng Selected is conducted by Tine and Christian Fris-Ronsfeld.

Syng Selected brings you power and energy, happiness and heartache and pure beauty when the voices of the young singers melt together in soothing harmony. Get ready for the unexpected. Get ready for Syng Selected!


SONO is a choir of 24 singers, but has the sound of a vocal group. SONO sings pop, rock and electronic music and will take you on a journey into a diverse musical universe characterized by presence, playfulness and surprising listening experiences. They are well known for their energetic, dynamic and unique expression, both in the music and the performance.


BarbAros is the first Danish male barbershop chorus in many years. The chorus was established in September 2017 and now has 35 members.

BarbAros’ ambitions are high and when they entered the Nordic Barbershop Championships in Spring 2018 they got 3rd place having only existed for 8 months. Later in 2018 they were chosen by The Danish Radio to represent Denmark in the prestigious international competition “Let The People Sing”. In 2020, BarbAros will be featured in a concert with The King’s Singers in Aarhus.
BarbAros is led by Jonas Rasmussen.


Thorsen is the 3x Danish Human Beatbox Champion, Grand Beatbox Battle loop station champ and took everything home on television when he won Denmark’s Got Talent in 2015. In 2016 he released his first debut album called “Only Music” under Sony Music Denmark Entertainment, 1st of January 2019 he released the single “Restart” with a powerful music video and now he is set to release His second album “Stupidity & The Succubus” Independently. Thorsen is very energetic on stage and is always happy to hype a crowd with his beatboxing and vocals ready to have a good time.

Vocal Frostbite

Vocal Frostbite is a young women’s choir from Copenhagen. They sing the popular music of our times in a cappella covers written specifically for Vocal Frostbite – Especially Nordic popular music and songs written by remarkable female artists are central to the repertoire of the choir.

Vocal Frostbite focuses on establishing a particular sound where the Nordic female voice is prominent. This is manifested by combining songs from specific artists with the effect caused by placing all the singers in every single song in new constellations and breaking with the traditional voice types. Christina Vest is the founder and conductor of Vocal Frostbite, and she composes every single composition for Vocal Frostbite. This gives Vocal Frostbite a unique and recognizable sound.

Vocal Frostbite consists of young women with a different musical background as choir singers. The choir is diverse and the singers all have different backgrounds, areas of interest, and work within the different fields such as law, anthropology, geography, pedagogy, medicine, etc. At the same time, the singers all posses love of music and share the joy of singing with each other.