Saturday Main Concert: Elements of The North

Elements of the North

In 2017 we challenged ourselves with a new project: Voices of Aarhus. This year we take the next step: Elements of the North.

How do you respond to an inner longing? What do you do when something undefined calls you? It begins as a dream I dreamt last night, but now I hear it when I am awake – perhaps you hear it too? Like a distant church bell’s lonely ring. Do you have what it takes to endure the journey to reach it, or will you settle along the way reasoning that it was probably just birds or something similar you heard? And what will happen if you get there – if you follow your call and reach your destination – will you be fulfilled?

Through the poetic lines of the first Danish song that was ever recorded into runes on rock hundreds of years ago, we’ll embark on an epic journey paved with a tapestry of Nordic Music. We’ll travel over land and lakes, through the woods and the meadows, following the calling of the Bell. A mythological tale of the past, marking the changing seasons of human nature, a way of life, a sound of culture, a glimpse of people and a vision of a breakthrough – this is “Elements of the North”.

A designed concert inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale: “The Bell” – featuring the compelling sounds and vocal traditions of the Nordic Countries.

On the stage, you will experience: The Real Group (S), Club For Five (FI), Frode Fjellheim (NO), Vocal line (DK), Postyr (DK), Rama Voices (DK), Dopplers (DK/FO), and EVE (DK) alone and together in beautiful Scandinavian harmony.


Musikhuset Aarhus
(Store Sal)


Saturday, June 1st at 19.30


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The Real Group (S), Club For Five (FI), x Vocal Line (DK), Postyr (DK), Rama Voices (DK), Dopplers (DK/FO), Frode Fjellheim (NO) and EVE (DK)
Club for Five
Vocal Line
RAMA Voices
Frode Fjellheim

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