Workshops Sign-up - How does it happen?

You can check out the workshop program now at and get an overview of which workshops YOU would like to join during the festival. At the moment we are in the last phase of preparing the digital sign up for workshops with our ticket provider.

This is how WORKSHOP SIGN UP is going to work:
A lot of people have bought our support tickets – THANKS GUYS! – and they will be the first to get access to select their workshops.

The people who bought their tickets first will have access first. We will open up the workshop selection in batches/groups of 60 people at the time.
The first 60 people will have exclusive access to book their choice of workshops for 48 hours and then the next 60 people will be invited to book their choice of workshops and so on. If you don’t book your tickets within the 48 hour window – don’t worry – you can still book your workshops, when ever you want to, it’s up to you, but if you want to be sure that there are still seats left for your preferred workshops, then you should move fast. 🏃‍♀️

👀 On Jan. 25th the first batch of 60 people will get a link per email from our ticket provider The link will take them to a website, where they can select their workshops. Their window will be from Jan 25th 10 AM CET to Jan 27th 10 AM

👫👫👫👫👫 If you have a group ticket, the link will be sent to 1 representative of the group (the person who bought the group ticket) and this person will get a link that can be shared with the group members. 👫👫👫👫👫

When you have selected your workshops you will get your final ticket via email that you will present upon check at the festival.
Batch 1 Jan 25 10 AM (CET) – Jan 27 10 AM (CET)
Batch 2 Jan 27 10 AM (CET) – Jan 29 10 AM (CET)
Batch 3 Jan 29 10 AM (CET) – Jan 31 10 AM (CET)
Batch 4 Jan 31 10 AM (CET) – Feb 2 10 AM (CET)
Batch 5 Feb 2 10 AM (CET) – Feb 4 10 AM (CET)
At some point everyone who booked their support ticket and everyone who has already bought their regular or group ticket will have selected their workshops and then we will change the procedure, so new ticket holders will book their workshops before they sign out and pay for the ticket.


Friday Afternoon Workshops

Friday 16.15-18.00

Saturday Morning Workshops

Saturday 10.15-12.00

Saturday Early Afternoon Workshops

Saturday 14.15-16.00

Saturday Late Afternoon

Saturday 16.15-18.00

Sunday Morning Workshops

Sunday 10.15-12.00

Sunday Early Afternoon Workshops

Sunday 14.15-16.00

Sunday Late Afternoon Workshops

Sunday 16.15-18.00

Workshop Instructors 2022