Voice Care Corner by EVTA (Sunday) 


Sunday, June 5th 10-12am in Musikhuset, Room 130

Eleanor Forbes
Singing Teacher and Vocal Coach
Naja Månsson
Voice Coach and Body worker

EVTA began offering International Choral Festivals a ‘drop-in’ facility for singers and conductors
concerned with healthy voice use and care of the singing voice at Europa Cantat in Tallinn in 2018.
Sadly our plans to be part of the World Choir Games in Belgium in 2020 and 2021 were prevented
by the pandemic. EVTA are delighted to be part of the Aarhus Vocal Festival in 2022 and once
again we will be offering specialist advice, ‘ten-tips’ for optimum singing, rehearsal stamina and
vocal health for all ages.

Where and When?

Where: Musikhuset - Room 130
When: Sunday 10.00-12.00
Eleanor Forbes
Eleanor Forbes
Naja Månsson