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Volunteer at AAVF

Signup to become a volunteer @ AAVF 2022.
This is your chance to lend us a a helping hand in many of our festival parts.
Both before, during and after the festival.

As a volunteer at AAVF 2022 you can choose between 4 options. Each option gives you different access possibilities at the festival as described below:

1) Before and after the festival:
Work 1 full day before the festival (either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) + full Monday until we are done clearing the festival
This will give you access to the entire festival.*

2) 2 x 8 hours
Work 2 x 8 hours during the festival (thursday, friday, saturday, sunday)
This will give you access to the entire festival.*

3) 1 x 10 hours
Work 1 x 10 hours during the festival (friday, saturday or sunday)
This will give you access for the rest of your working day, and 1 other day at the festival.*

4) 2 x 6 hours
Work 2 x 6 hours during the festival (thursday, friday, saturday or sunday)
This will give you access on your 2 working days (before and after your shifts).*

Once you have chosen your wanted option, please write in which time-frame you will be available. Please choose as many days and times as you can.

*Volunteers will not be guaranteed access to workshops as the spaces available are prioritised to the festival guests. Any available spaces will be given to volunteers on a first come first served basis.

We will of course provide food while you are on your shifts, and drink-tickets which can be used at our bar.

Thank you for wanting to be part of AAVF, we look forward to seeing you!

Types of Volunteer Work

Before and after
This team will help setup for the entire festival before it starts. This will be happening from Monday to Wednesday. During these days the stages will be build, decorations will go up and every little detail attended to.
After the festival closes on the following Sunday, this team will be in charge of breaking down the festival and clearing the grounds.

Production is the area that is in charge of the entire infrastructure at the festival – they build stages, do sound and light etc. This team ensures that all the practical parts of the festival is working, and will be available to the professional sound and lighting staff.

Bar & Service
The bar will be serving and selling drinks and snacks to all the festival attendees. The staff at the bar will work closely together, to ensure a great atmosphere in Ridehuset. There will be a few bar managers, who will ensure the smooth running of each shift and in general take responsibility of everything in the bar being handled as it should.

This area focuses on setup and breakdown of dining areas (e.g. transforming concert area into dining area). This area will be responsible for volunteer meals, VIP meals and contact to catering before, during and after meal times.

The Infostall is the central point throughout the festival. This is where guests, artists, judges and attendees can seek help or answers in all situations and for all questions. This is also where merchandise, sheet music and press will be coordinated.

Hospitality consists of the teams who deal with workshop rooms, taking care of the competition attendees and judges, and the sheet music, technical setups and everything else in regards to workshops and the competition.
Furthermore, this area also caters to all hospitality for VIPs.