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Internet – WIFI

The City of Aarhus offers free wifi network to all guests and users in its buildings. As a user or guest, you can log on to the City of Aarhus’ wifi network (Smart Aarhus) just by sending a text message from your mobile phone.

How to access the SmartAarhus network:

1) First of all, you have to be in a municipal building with access to the network.

2) On your device scan for open wifi networks and choose ‘SmartAarhus’.

3) After choosing the Smart Aarhus network, you will be asked to specify how you want to log on to the network, e.g. by receiving a text message (SMS login), using a guest login found at the building’s reception (gæstelogin), and more.

4) Log on using one of the above options, and you are online.

Can I bring my own food?

For those of you who didn’t buy a food ticket, there is an area for you closest to the stage in Ridehuset. The tables and chairs are reserved for people with food tickets and access to the buffet area.

AROS – Museum of Art

Remember to visit Aarhus Museum of Art! With thousands of square meters spanning ten levels, the museum now has ample space to showcase its extensive collection of 1100 paintings, 400 sculptures and installations, 200 art videos and over 7,000 drawings, photos, and graphics.

Tickets for AROS: Entrance tickets are available at the front desk of AROS.

Opening Hours:

Monday         Closed
Tuesday        10 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday  10 AM – 10 PM
Thursday      10 AM – 5 PM
Friday           10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday      10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday         10 AM – 5 PM

To exchange money we refer to banks located in the city or the Forex Bank and Exchange

In Case of Emergency:
In the case of emergency dial 112 or 114 on any phone.

Medical Help (Not serious emergency)
If you need to see a doctor please call Emergency Medical Service (with on-call doctors answering your call): + 45 70113131.
Monday – Friday: 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Weekend: Open 24 hours

Workshop sign-up

How many workshops can I sign up for?
There is a limit of five workshops per participant, but if you like you can of course also choose just two, three or four workshops during the festival – there is only a maximum limit of five workshops. Please note: Choosing to participate as an audience member at the competition will count as a workshop choice.

How are the workshops distributed?
The workshops are distributed after the first come, first served principle

Are the workshops specifically for singers on a beginner level?
The workshops are for singers on all levels – from beginners to pro’s

The sign-up system did not work when I made my choices and now my first priority is not available anymore – can I join my first choice after all?
You might be able to change your priorities in the workshop sign-up, contact flexminds at support@flexminds.dk

I didn’t get my first priority workshop, can I get a refund on my ticket?
No, unfortunately, we cannot make a refund, but it is possible for you to give your ticket to someone else.


If we apply for coaching are we then guaranteed a coaching session?
Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed coaching session as there may not be enough coaching sessions for all the groups that apply.

Can we request a specific coaching instructor?
It is not possible to request a certain coaching teacher. We try to make the best matches possible between groups and teachers. But there are many things to take into consideration to finish this puzzle. You can write a note if you have a wish for a certain teacher, but we cannot guarantee anything.

What happens if the coaching session happens at the same time as a workshop, that the group has signed up for?
If your group/choir is granted a coaching session and you have chosen a workshop in the same time slot, you will lose your workshop seats and the coaching will count as a workshop.

If we are 40 singers in our choir and only 20 are able to attend the entire festival, can 10 of our singers who don’t have festival tickets join in the coaching session that we have been given by the festival without having to pay for the entire festival?
Unfortunately, we have to set a limit to the number of persons in a group attending the coaching session, and therefore it will not be possible for members to attend without a festival ticket.


Useful links on hotels and BnBs:

Visit Aarhus – Where to sleep




There is a large parking complex next to Musikhuset (Concert Hall Aarhus), but parking in Aarhus city centre can be difficult and there is hardly any free parking.

Transport to Concert Hall Aarhus (Musikhuset)

By train: A 10-minute walk from the train station
By bus: A 10-minute walk from the bus station, but plenty of bus stops are also located along the streets near Musikhuset.
By plane: The airport bus stops at the train station

For further information on arrivals and departures by trains and buses, please visit http://www.rejseplanen.dk/bin/query.exe/enwww.rejseplanen.dk


Buying Tickets - How To

Individual tickets, workshop selection and meals

When you buy your individual ticket you will register personal information and contact info and
at the same time, you will register for workshops and be able to buy a food ticket (you can also buy food tickets later). There will be a possibility for 5 workshops per person with a Festival Pass.

Group Tickets, contact person and choices

When you register a group, the person signing up as the contact person will register his or her own contact info and after the registration, the contact person will receive a link for the rest of the group participants. When the other participants in the group use the link they will provide their own contact info, their workshop choices and they can buy food tickets. There will be a possibility for 5 workshops per person with a Festival Pass.

At the Group registration, you will have to:

– Choose whether the group wishes to apply for a coaching session
– Choose whether the group would like to perform a showcase concert at the festival

First come, first served

All ticket sale and workshop registration are “first come, first served” – we have a limited amount of tickets for sale and access to workshops depends on the available room and the type of workshop.

More Info on Tickets and Prices

Tickets and Prices