The Real Group (S)

The Real Group is a Swedish vocal group with five dedicated singers and musicians. The group has been touring for more than 30 years and continues to excite a broad audience all over the world. With a unique musical expression in a field between jazz, pop and Northern European choral music, The Real Group is considered one of the leading forces in the world of vocal music.


Beardyman (UK)

& the Beardytron5000mkII

After winning the UK Beatbox Championship twice in a row, Beardyman né Darren Foreman ploughed headlong into the swirling vortex of musical and technological experimentation before him and has referred to himself in the third person ever since. An obsession with music technology and looping became a career-long study in the possibilities afforded by technology in the field of musical improvisation but he remained limited by the consumer tech available at the time. Having played mainstages and packed-out rooms the world over, Beardyman decided that it was time to reveal what he had been working on in secret all this time: The Beardytron5000mkII. Imagine a machine that can let you record and mix music in real time –one that will enable musicians to get down the ideas in their head instantly, with no filter between the germs of a song and hearing it come alive straight away. Imagine the fevered genius capable of building such a perfect musical aid. Meet the BEARDYTRON_5000mkIV (Beardytron). And meet its creator…Beardyman, whose performances have been viewed over 60 million times on YouTube alone with improvisation being at the heart of the creative process.

Beardyman will be performing on Thursday evening at Ridehuset as part of the opening concert: Elements of Play. The following day Beardyman will be giving a workshop for a limited number of festival participants. Sign up when you buy your festival pass.


Club for Five (FI)

AAVF is proud to present Club For Five from Finland as part of the main concert “Elements of Play” on the opening night of Aarhus Vocal Festival 2019.

Rooted in Nordic music tradition but strongly influenced by jazz and pop the music of five skilled vocalists is full of colours and delightful energy. Besides their English repertoire Club For Five – when touring outside Finland – also loves to bring pieces of Helsinki with them by including some songs in Finnish. Icy cold winter and the haunting landscapes of the North translate naturally into beautiful jazz harmonies and etno flavours.

Club For Five is known around the world for their lively performances and open-minded approach to singing – sometimes even challenging conventional wisdom about the capabilities of the human voice.


Accent (The World)

In the increasingly popular world of a cappella singing groups, Accent has carved out its own niche. Inspired by the wizardly jazz harmonies of TAKE 6 and, before them, The Hi-Lo’s, the six men of ACCENT, all of them accomplished arrangers and instrumentalists in their own right, are taking their love of close- harmony jazz singing – the denser and more intricate the better – as far as it can go.

The improbable meeting of Jean-Baptiste (“JB”) Craipeau (France), Simon Åkesson (Sweden), Danny Fong (Canada), Andrew Kesler (Canada), James Rose (United Kingdom), and Evan Sanders (USA), six self-described “jazz vocal nerds,” could have happened only in the age of social media. After becoming long-distance fans of each other’s multi-tracked videos on YouTube, they joined forces in 2011, collaborating online on songs and videos.

Their singular blend and arrangements have been acclaimed by a cappella devotees and fellow musicians alike, including Cedric Dent of TAKE 6 and Clark Burroughs of The Hi-Lo’s. As Alan Paul said, “You guys carry on the vocal group legacy.”


Rhiannon (US)

Rhiannon is a vocal artist with a vision of music as a vehicle for innovation, healing, transformation, and social change. A vibrant, gifted singer, performance artist, composer, and master teacher, Rhiannon has been bringing her unique and potent blend of jazz, world music, improvisation and storytelling to audiences for over four decades.

From her stellar collaborations with the all-women jazz ensemble Alive! to a cappella ensemble SoVoSo’ to Bobby McFerrin – Voicestra, and Gimme5, to her groundbreaking solo and ensemble performances, Rhiannon has paved a unique path as an independent artist. In recent years she has continued to refine her improvisation work by performing in two ensembles: a cappella trio WeBe3 with Joey Blake and David Worm, Spontaneous, featuring renowned instrumentalists Abraham Laboriel, Alex Acuña, Otmaro Ruiz and Jetro daSilva.. These groups have toured internationally, giving completely improvised performances. In 2012 Rhiannon Music released Spontaneous, a live improvised recording. Rhiannon continues to enjoy touring and teaching with Bobby McFerrin in the US and Europe.

Trey McLaughlin (US)

We are over-the-moon excited to welcome one the most inspiring gospel singers, Trey McLaughlin, at AAVF 2019 as a special guest star at our Friday night concert “Elements of Vocal Jazz”, where he will be featured in ACCENT’s show. You will also be able to meet Trey McLaughlin during several workshops on contemporary gospel arrangement and gospel vocal technique. On top of that, he will lead one of our morning singing sessions and warm up our voices for another day of singing at AAVF.

Trey McLaughlin is the founder and director of the amazing gospel ensemble “Trey McLaughlin and the Sounds of Zamar” (US). Trey McLaughlin and his inspiring group are known for their rich harmonies and beautiful blends and their music will undoubtedly touch the soul of any listening ear. “Trey McLaughlin & the Sounds of Zamar” have undoubtedly made a name for themselves in the music industry by performing with gospel greats like William McDowell, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard, Brian Courtney Wilson, Richard Smallwood, Lowell Pye, Canton Jones, Pastor Charles Jenkins, Earnest Pugh, Damien Sneed and The Levites and James Fortune.


Vocal Line (DK)

Vocal Line is a contemporary a cappella choir from Aarhus, Denmark, consisting of 30 singers and conducted by Jens Johansen. The choir dates back to 1991 and has as its stated goal and purpose to be the front-runner in the development of rhythmical a capella choir music nationally as well as internationally. Throughout the years, Vocal Line has continuously sought to challenge the limits for this genre, and the choir is always aiming to reach an even higher musical level.

Vocal Line is based on the traditional Danish choir tradition. From this origin, the choir has developed a highly individual style with a unique sound. Vocal Line is able to unite soaring Nordic sounds with intensity and sincerity. This ability, combined with its detailed and experimenting arrangements, makes Vocal Line able to continuously capture the attention of and touch its audience. Another equally essential factor is the ability of the thirty skilled singers to express their individual voices and musicality while simultaneously maintaining the immaculate blend that Vocal Line is known for. Vocal Line has achieved great recognition in the last 28 years and has also won several international choir competitions. In 2010 Vocal Line performed with the world famous vocal equilibrist Bobby McFerrin in New York and in Aarhus. In 2014 the choir performed at The Roskilde Festival on stage with the legendary The Rolling Stones, and in 2015 the choir performed at a TV broadcasted concert at the foot of the “Christ The Redeemer” statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

– Nobody sounds exactly like Vocal Line.


Postyr (DK)

The Danish vocal group POSTYR gives vocal music a facelift with their five voices, one computer and catchy melodies. The group has become known worldwide for their characteristic and evocative sound, combining five captivating voices with sampled beats and heartfelt songwriting, also making POSTYR’s live performances unprecedented in the international music landscape.

The singers in POSTYR grew up with vocal and choral music and they met in the inspiring musical environment around the world-renowned Danish choir, Vocal Line, and the award-winning vocal group, Vox 11. POSTYR was founded in 2009 out of a desire and an ambition to innovate and generate vocal music through the development of newly composed music written specifically for this type of ensemble.

”The voice is probably the one instrument in the world, which has the most varied timbre. Some are beautiful and others are sharp and edgy, like so much else in life. If we want the music to reflect, who we are, we have to be honest and make room for beauty, enthusiasm, sadness, the hard and the brittle. Somewhere between the words, the tones, the melodies, the natural immediacy of the voices and the mechanical precision of the computer we chase a nerve and an expression that is hard to put into words but which everybody can feel when we nail it. That’s POSTYR at our best” – Tine Fris-Ronsfeld, soprano.


RAMA Voices (DK)

Spontaneously composed music directed by Jim Daus Hjernøe, featuring RAMA Voices and special guest stars from around the world. RAMA Voices uses Vocal Painting (VOPA), which is an extensive collection of advanced hand signals designed for vocal music to communicate non-verbally between conductor and singers.

Dopplers (DK)

Dopplers, founded by Astrid Vang-Pedersen in 2009, is an a cappella group of twelve vocalists originating from Copenhagen, Denmark.

What sets Dopplers apart from other a cappella groups is first and foremost the fact that they sing all of their music, which is in large part music based on grooves, pulses and beats, without microphones. Choosing not to use a traditional beatboxer to provide vocal percussion they employ the unique approach of incorporating the feel of an underlying beat and percussion into all the vocal melody lines that make up the underlying accompaniment of a song. That being said you will also be able to find beautiful songs with next to no melodic percussion and of an almost classical nature within the Dopplers-repertoire, which exists within a field of many genres such as pop, Nordic folk music, classical, Middle-Eastern and afro-pop and recently also numerous original songs written by members of the group.

Another compelling characteristic of Dopplers is the imaginative adaptation of performance during the live performances of their music as they recognize that every performance is as much of a visual experience as it is a musical one.

In January 2015 Dopplers released their very first EP featuring music written and/or arranged by members of the group.

Jazzchor Freiburg (DE)

What better way to say Au Revoir and Auf Wiedersehen than with some outstanding “Kiss and Goodbye Jazz” delivered by Germany’s top jazz choir: Jazzchor Freiburg conducted by Bertrand Gröger.

Jazzchor Freiburg’s programme encompasses vocal jazz from swing to fusion, striving to bridge the gap between popular and art music, virtuosity and entertainment as seen in their performance on the TV show Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017. On top of their vocal jazz programme, previous projects have included performances with Bobby McFerrin, the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, the Freiburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Basel Sinfonietta and the Hannover Big Band.


Mariagerfjord Pigekor (DK)

Are you ready for this? AAVF are happy to welcome Mariagerfjord Pigekor (Mariagerfjord Girls Choir) back on the festival with their new show. Pure joy, epic soundscapes and infectious energy delivered by 25 young girls aged 13-18 from the beautiful area of Mariagerfjord in Denmark. Supported by their band and conductor Christian Fris-Ronsfeld Mariagerfjord Pigekor kicks off the opening night of Aarhus Vocal Festival 2019 with a set of powerful pop songs in lovely harmony.

Mariagerfjord Pigekor is a rhythmic elite choir with singers from all around the Municipality of Mariagerfjord; 25 girls with outstanding singing skills in the age of 12-20 years. The choir was established in 2007 and is now the leading choir of the Mariagerfjord Choir Academy – one of the leading choir schools for contemporary music in Europe.

The choir embraces and prioritizes not only the singing but also the social aspects. There is a special emphasis on supporting the development of social skills and the understanding of obligations. – Both with a unique pedagogical approach that reaches across age-groups. The vision for each girl is, through a supportive teaching method, to reach the highest level possible. Ideally, the progress will take the singer from talent to professional. Over the last couple of years, Mariagerfjord Pigekor has performed with a number of Danish top-acts like Steffen Brandt and Emmelie de Forest.


EVE consists of 32 girls in the ages 15-23 years, who all share a passion for choral singing on the highest level. The choir was founded in 2008 as an opportunity for students at Egaa Gymnasium with a special interest in singing. Today the choir counts both present and former student as well as singers from the city of Aarhus.

EVE is founded and conducted by Birgitte Næslund Madsen. She has a passion for young voices and has specialized in this field. Birgitte and EVE’s musical profile is characterized by an equal enthusiasm for pop music, classical music and folklore.

Frode Fjellheim (NO)

Frode Fjellheim is a musican and composer of Southern Sámi heritage. He was educated at the Trøndelag Conservatory of Music (now NTNU) and resides in Trondheim. Since the 1990s, he has performed with his band Transjoik and several other musical projects. Several projects involve experimenting with elements from the Sámi yoik tradition in various classical ensembles like choir and orchestra – both as a composer and soloist. He run his own music publishing company Vuelie ( Fjellheim is currently professor at Nord University and chairman of the study Med joik som utgangspunkt (Starting with Yoik) He came to international prominence with the release of the opening song he composed for the Walt Disney film Frozen (2013).

Luftens Helte (DK)

Be prepared for a trip down memory lane – and at the same time experience the greatest sing-a-long party of the year! It’s a show you never have experienced before!

Specialized in the amazing music from the most beloved cartoon movies of all time, Luftens Helte from Aarhus will bring magical stories to life at the big party Saturday night at Ridehuset. They play great songs from movies like The Aristocats, Tarzan, Mulan, Hercules, The Lion King, Frozen and many others. Luftens Helte counts 18 band members and has played many concerts around Denmark. This time it will be with a massive choir full of talented singers from the AAVF workshops “From All of Us to All of You” bringing the well-known music into a whole new dimension! Be our guest in a whole new world of nostalgia, where music and magic meet!


Single Singers (The World)

We are thrilled to announce that the Single Singers will once again perform at the closing concert of AAVF 2019: Kiss and Goodbye Jazz. The Single Singers will present the songs that they rehearsed in their workshops during the festival.

The Single Singers was originally created for the London A Cappella Festival in January 2012. Its founders, Annemarie Homan and Emily May ‘t Hoen, started the group as a way to give singers that were coming to the festival on their own the opportunity to actually perform in a group. The name was a twist on the renowned Swingle Singers, who were also the hosts of the festival. After a social meet-and-greet and just two rehearsals, this international line-up of 24 amateur and professional singers put together five songs, which they performed for the first and only time on January 14. Such a success was this endeavor, that the brand of The Single Singers has found it’s way “across the pond” to the United States and even as far as Asia!

DJ Maria Foxfire

Dj Maria Foxfire guarantees ol’skool funk, disco, hip hop & soul from 1970’s and up to present day. Real vinyl, rare grooves to make you dance all night!

Drude Aviaja Becky Larsen

Er cand.mag. i arktiske studier og eskimologi og har i en årrække undervist i grønlandsk som fremmedsprog.
Hun har i de sidste år arbejdet meget for at gøre grønlandsk undervisning let tilgængeligt på nettet, og hun
har sammen med Aviaja Lumholt lavet cd’en ”Groovy grammatik” hvor man med pop-rock kan synge sig til
nogle af de mange endelser på grønlandske verber. Aviaja har i en årrække sunget i det grønlandske kor
Aavaat, som hun i en overgang også har dirigeret. Hun er bachelor i kunsthistorie og uddannet håndlæser,
hvilket afspejler hendes parallelle tankegange, den videnskabelige og ”shamanistiske”, som også kommer
til udtryk i den grønlandske trommesang. Man kan studere hendes malerier på