Final Concert: Vocal Line with Friends

Final Concert: Vocal Line with Friends

Vocal Line is part of the Aarhus Vocal Festival DNA and we are proud to present them on stage as they are just returning from a grand tour celebrating their 30 years anniversary.

Vocal Line is synonymous with innovation and transformation in the vocal field and for this special feature concert we will enjoy both some of their great hits throughout the years as well as their newest additions to their repertoire.

In addition to this Vocal Line has inspired a number of spin offs from the group such as SØNK, Ørehænger & POSTYR who will join the concert as well. Naura has during the years functioned as a sort of talent-hub for Vocal Line, therefore they are also joining this amazing concert.

WHERE: Musikhuset Aarhus (Store Sal)

WHEN: Sunday, June 5th at 19.30

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Vocal Line (DK), Postyr (DK), SØNK (DK), Ørehænger (DK) and Naura (DK)
Vocal Line (DK)
Ørehænger (DK)
Naura (DK)