The MusiCamino

The MusiCamino

The Musicamino is a spiritual journey, where the road is paved with music. We are on a pilgrimage where performances may appear or erupt on our way, inviting us to pause and reflect or perhaps to join in as gatherings happen around you. 

During the walk the audience will be invited into a number of diverse physical venues to rest and to experience chosen concert performances. 

All together the MusiCamino lasts approximately three hours with a focus on the potential emerging insights and power of musical encounters. 

Participating acts: TBA

WHERE: The Area around Musikhuset Aarhus and Ridehuset

WHEN: Saturday, June 4th at 19.30

TICKET: Get info on AAVF 2022 Festival pass here
Buy tickets for just this concert via Musikhuset Aarhus (info on the way)

Artists TBA

Music City Aarhus

The Musicamino is a collaboration with the organisation Music City Aarhus 2022

Music City Aarhus 2022 is a whole year of celebrating the amazingmusical life of Aarhus. Music City Aarhus 2022 aim to facilitate new collaborations between Aarhus’ culture life and business community while creating memorable musicalexperiences for the local, national and international audiences.