Opening Concert Friday

Opening Concert AAVF 2022

Under the theme “Transformations” the opening concert at the AAVF 2022 will take you on a type of time travel through different types of a cappella music. From the indigenous sounds of Finnlands Vocal Folk-hop group “Tuuletar” to the more contemporary jazz pop sounds of the new “The Real Group” as a classic example of postmodern a cappella to the electronic loop-based new music of the “right now” and the future.

WHERE: Ridehuset

WHEN: Friday, June 3rd at 19.30

TICKETS: Get info on AAVF 2022 Festival pass here

Tuuletar (FIN)

Fierce energy, beatbox rhythms and other-worldly harmonies

Vocal performance group Tuuletar is taking new Finnish music abroad with a novel approach. The band’s singers create a sonic landscape, where beatbox rhythms meet Finnish poetry tradition and global influences. With their freshly invigorating original music, Tuuletar enchants audiences globally with their heartfelt, tribal and captivating spirit.
Tuuletar’s (Goddess of The Wind in Finnish mythology) second album Rajatila / Borderline was released in May 2019 by Bafe’s Factory. The album was produced by Pekko Käppi and it gained raging reviews and has been playlisted on radio shows all around the world. In 2017 Tuuletar’s song Alku was sold for the HBO hit tv-show Game of Thrones. The band’s debut album Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal (On Fire and Earth, In Water and Sky, Bafe’s Factory 2016) received In February 2017 the prestigious Finnish EMMA award (the Finnish equivalent to the Grammy Award) for the best ethno album of the year.

The Real Group (SE)

A groundbreaking vocal group based in Sweden

With the voice as their sole instrument they have created a unique musical expression in the field between jazz, pop and Nordic European vocal music.
The group has toured worldwide since it was formed in 1984.
The combination of perfection and personal touch along with original songs have made them accessible to music enthusiasts in general as well as to the more demanding ear.

The current members are:
Clara Fornander
Joanné Nugas
Johannes Rückert Becker
Axel Berntzon
Daniele Dees

Sound engineer:
Sanna Nordlander

The Beatbox Collective

If you didn't think you were a beatbox fan before, they will prove you wrong

Spend an evening in the company of international touring artists and world team beatbox champions, The Beatbox Collective. Individually they have won almost
every beatbox competition on the planet. Together, this vocal supergroup creates a wall of sound that simply has to be seen to be believed. ‘How amazing was that?
That was unbelievable’ (Chris Evans). Featuring a team of the UK’s top vocal artists, witness a show of mind-blowing sound, energy and beats that’s not to be missed. ‘If you didn’t think you were a beatbox fan before, they will prove you wrong’ *****