The AAVF Pre-Festival 2024

Thursday June 2nd at 19.30

Join the party and celebrate Aarhus and all of its wonderful singers, vocal groups and choirs. AAVF and Syng are proud to present a sample of a vast variety of great choirs and vocal groups.

The Pre-Festival is put on in collaboration with Syng and is a stand-alone one-day festival. There will be two stages in Ridehuset, and therefore we can present a large variety of groups. The bar will be open and you’ll experience top-notch vocal concerts with old, as well as new, friends.
Who is SYNG?
Syng is a Danish youth choir organisation. Since it’s founding, Syng has funded, developed, and supported a large number of events and projects all over Denmark in support of its goal: “Bringing awareness and understanding of the joy of singing to young people between the age of 10 and 30”.

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Syng Selected - Syng Youngsters - AVOPA- Clemens Knejterne - Wondaros - SNUK - Naura

Syng Selected

Syng Selected is an a cappella choir consisting of 32 of Denmark’s most talented young choir singers in the ages of 18-30 years, which comes from the whole country. Syng Selected was founded by the Danish Youth Choir Association Syng in 2014, and in a few years they have become an international name in the world of rhythmic choir. The choir meets on weekends 4-5 times a year at boarding schools to rehearse and get ready for concerts.

In addition to concerts on several prominent stages in Denmark, the choir has toured in Israel, Sweden and most recently New York in 2020, where the choir won the competition ACA Idol.
As the choir has not been able to meet physically in the past year, the focus has been on songwriting, which has resulted in the choir’s very first original music.

The choir is a project choir and therefore changes conductor every other year. Currently, Syng Selected is conducted by Morten Vinther Sørensen, probably best known for his ten years in The Real Group. Syng Selected brings you power and energy, happiness and heartache and pure beauty when the voices of the young singers melt together in soothing harmony. Get ready for the unexpected. Get ready for Syng Selected!

Syng Youngsters

Syng Youngsters – 100 voices of tomorrow
Get ready for a massive teen choir of youngsters from all over Denmark! This project is showcasing some of the choir singers of tomorrow and their talents and spirit. Get inspired by the grand harmonies of 100 young people between the ages of 15 and 19, raising the roof of Ridehuset and kickstarting Aarhus Vocal Festival with a shout-out to all young singers around the world.

Want to know more about the Danish youth Choir Organisation SYNG?


AVOPA takes you on an extraordinary journey: using Vocal Painting, they create music in the moment – no scores, just improvisation! Anything can happen, as the 9 talented singers beautifully paint a whole vocal gallery directly from the heart.

Clemens Knejterne

Clemens Knejterne (The Clemens Lads) are full of charm, high spirits and crisp acapella singing when they invite you to an entertaining choir concert. All music is arranged by the Lads themselves and varies from classic hymns and songs to medleys to modern pop arrangements. Clemens Knejterne stems from Saint Clemens Boys Choir and consists of 34 young men between 16 and 22, who share a love for singing. Clemens Knejterne has performed in several churches, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and company parties, and strive to deliver a professional and innovative concert experience. In the spring of 2020, during the corona crisis, Clemens Knejterne went nationally viral as the choir that sang “Sammen, hver for sig”.


Wondaros is a Danish female barbershop choir based in Aarhus. We sing old barbershop classics and more modern music arranged in the barbershop genre for female choirs. The barbershop genre is entertaining, it usually has some chorography and we love to hear the chords when they are “ringing”.


SNUK is a youth choir from Svendborg Denmark, that sings classical and rhythmic choir music. Svendborg New Youth Choir is a new initiative under the leadership of Povl Balslev (Classical director) and Ulrich Klostergaard (Rhythmic director). The purpose of the choir is to spread the joy of singing to young people in Svendborg and the surrounding areas.


Naura is an a cappella choir from Aarhus consisting of 22 skilled singers with the addition of vocal percussion by our human beatboxer. Under the leadership of our artistic director, Nanna Lærke Petersen, we sing a varied repertoire of modern rhythmic arrangements with a distinct Nordic sound. Naura is a choir with vision, always striving to improve ourselves by exploring new musical territories and seeking new challenges.