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Friday Night Show - join us!

Join us at 19.00 CET on Friday 21st of May for Interviews, Concerts, sing-alongs and so much more...

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Greetings from Around the World

At Friday Nights show you will hear greetings from these groups/people

Rhiannon (USA)
James Rose from Accent (UK)
Daniel Barke from Voxid (Germany)
The Beatbox Collective – Hobbit (UK)
Indra Tedjasukmana (Germany)
Club For Five (Finland)
JD Frizzell (USA)
Bill Hare (USA)

Listen To

Face Vocal Band

Face Vocal Band is an internationally acclaimed all-vocal rock band from Boulder, Colorado (US) who have been captivating audiences for over a decade with their infectious energy punctuated by an endearing love of performance. “Blending modern popular tunes with complex harmonies, brilliant beat-box rhythms and superb singing…Face take their audience on a musical journey and it’s fantastic fun.”
More about Face Vocal Band

Gabriel Hahn

Gabriel Hahn, percussionist, singer, composer and arranger was
drummer of the great Vocal Jazz legends THE NEW YORK VOICES for over ten years (2009-2020) and performed with German pop acts such as Roger Cicero, Howard Carpendale and Max Mutzke.
Through Body Percussion / Voice / Beatboxing / Movement & Body Work he is exploring the HUMAN BODY as a means of MUSICAL EXPRESSION in various national and international projects.
He is singer of the program ‘Modern Tales’ of the Brussels Vocal Project, which recently released their latest album with music for 5 singers and a drummer.
More about Gabriel Hahn

Grupo UPA!

UPA! is a musical group that uses the voice as its primary instrument. Founded in 2009, it has 16 members and has the artistic conception and leadership of Federico Trindade. The repertoire goes between Brazilian, Latin American and world music, through vocal arrangements, body percussion, sometimes with percussion, guitar and cavaquinho, besides improvisations and circle songs using the VOPA system. Upon returning from Denmark, where he completed a master’s degree in “Music, Music Education and Rhythmic Vocal Leadership (Innovative Choir Leading)”, by the Royal Academy of Music of Denmark (RAMA), the UPA!’s founder and conductor – Federico Trindade, a Uruguayan living in Porto Alegre – brought with him new project ideas. In the luggage, came repertoire and ideas with strong personal references, original arrangements, vocal experiments and improvisations.
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Jazzva entered the world of vocal music more than a decade ago. On their road of exploring the human voice they write new stories, discover new sounds and play with colours, expressions and effects. Their soulful and unique approach to music has given Jazzva their recognisable style and one of a kind blend.
Their repertoire consists of many different genres; from pop, rock and jazz to arrangements of folk songs and many more.
Jazzva is also the organiser of Ljubljana Vocal Festival, Slovenia’s most prominent a cappella festival. The festival is starting to establish itself outside the Slovenian borders with international acts looking to join the festival.
More about Jazzva

Ndlovu Youth Choir

Since its inception in 2009, the Ndlovu Youth Choir has become one of the world’s most loved choirs. Their unique musical arrangements, powerhouse vocals, irresistibly combined with mesmerising choreography and infectious energy have inspired millions across the globe.

Eleven years after turning an after-school programme (The choir was formed by the Ndlovu Care Group’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children Programme) into a recording and touring career, the choir uses their talents to beautifully share their inspirational story through music.
More about Ndlovu Youth Choir

The Swingles

For nearly 60 years, The Swingles have pushed the boundaries of vocal music. The seven young singers that make up today’s London-based group are driven by the same innovative spirit that has defined the five-time Grammy® winners since they first made waves in the 1960s. At a time when a cappella music is more popular than ever, The Swingles are recognised as masters of their craft.

The Swingles’ latest release is Snapshots, Vol. II. Made in isolation with support from their fans on Patreon, the album won two CARAs for Best Original Song and Best Folk/World Song. An all-original EP is planned for release later this year.
More about The Swingles


Stiletta is an all-female a cappella sextet, featuring pop leads, dance beats and hip-hop choreography. Crowned National Harmony Sweepstakes Champions in 2016, they became the first group to win in every award category. In 2018, Stiletta released their debut album to critical acclaim, and it was named Best Album of the Decade by the Recorded A Cappella Review Board. Stiletta is directed by award-winning arranger, Judy Minkoff, and the group’s signature sound is filled out by MC Beats, who is a two-time recipient of awards for Best Vocal Percussion, and was recently ranked #3 in the world.
More about Stiletta


The multiple award-winning vocal band UNDUZO not only inspires with a skilful mixture of polyphonic and catchy melodies and a charming and funny stage show but also with the profundity of their lyrics, great musicality and excellent voices. Their compositions are stylistically at home in the facets of pop music without resorting to style copies. A capella is the group’s creative tool: Different styles of singing interlock with beatbox and live-looped lines. The songs are musically written for instruments and arranged for vocals. With UNDUZO, the comedy aspect not only has great humor but clarity and depth.
More about Unduzo

Vocal Future

Vocal Future is an independent mixed vocal band composed of graduates from Guangzhou Xinghai College of Music. The band mainly combines original works of traditional culture with the main form and content of A capella, showing the beauty of the most natural human voice.
More about Vocal Future


Black Forest Voices

BLACK FOREST VOICES is the annual new vocal festival in southern Germany. At the festival, local solidarity and global connections are combined, diverse individuals with different backgrounds are brought together and professionals and amateurs are juxtaposed. People are learning with and from each other – across internal and external boundaries.
In addition to concerts by regional, national and international choirs and vocal bands, the focus of the festival is on further training for young choirs and a cappella singers, as well as teaching how to sing – especially singing together.
The festival was founded 2019 by the artistic director Tobias Hug.
More about www.blackforestvoices.com

A Cappella China

A Cappella China is an organization which aims at promoting a cappella music in China. Based in Shanghai, dedicated to the promotion and research of a cappella music, the organization has created influence all over the country. In the form of organization operation, we’ve been providing assistance to various ground work including amateur education, cultivation and group assembling. Till now, we’ve become the base camp of the art of a cappella performing in China.
More about A Cappella China

Europa Cantat Festival

The Europa Cantat Festival is one of largest international music festivals worldwide. Singers, composers, conductors, instrumentalists and choral publishers from all over the world participate at the eight-day festival that happens only every 3 years in different European city.
World’s greatest conductors and mentors attend this event to hold workshops (ateliers) adapted to the participants, who are both choral music enthusiasts and professionals. The choral programme lists around 100 choral events and has a diverse accompanying programme of cultural events in the city that for eight days lives and breathes music.
More about Europa Cantat Festival

SingStrong Festival

3 Day A cappella Music Festival Raises Money For Charity
The all-vocal event consists of five concerts and two days of classes and coachings, all featuring nothing but the human voice. Event profits support charity, with a silent auction to benefit the fight against Alzheimer’s, and ticket and merchandise proceeds supporting music programs with a special focus on singing and a cappella music.

Audiences will hear pop, jazz, rock, broadway, barbershop, overtone, beatbox and more -all performed a cappella. Groups will use only their voices to perform melodies, harmonies and to vocally imitate a virtual orchestra of sounds –including vocal drums, vocal trumpet, vocal electric guitar and a vocal synthesizers –all without instruments of any kind.
More about SingStrong Festival


Diversity, encounters, inspiration: For the sixth time, the German Choral Association is inviting protagonists of the choral scene to immerse themselves in the world of vocal music at chor.com from September 23 to 26, 2021. The chor.com in the UNESCO City of Music Hannover offers choir directors, choir managers, music educators, cantors, publishers, singers and all others interested in choral music as Europe’s largest meeting place of the vocal music scene the opportunity to inform, exchange and develop new ideas far away from rigid genre or section boundaries.
More than 200 workshops, coaching sessions and reading sessions for all musical genres, ensemble forms and performance levels are the heart of chor.com. A top-class concert program in the halls and churches of Hannover as well as the chor.com trade fair, where music publishers, CD labels, universities, academies and music schools, professional associations and many more present themselves, complete the offer.
More about Chor.com

Sing Along With

Jens Johansen

Jens Johansen is educated from the department of Musicology at the University of Aarhus and at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Today he works as professor in musicology at the University of Aarhus.

He formed Vocal Line in 1991, and today Vocal Line and Jens Johansen are very well known among choral music lovers all around the world. Jens Johansen has published numerous arrangements for pop-choir, and he has given courses and seminars to choir singers and conductors in many parts of the world. He is a long-time member of the board of ‘KOR 72’ and he is on of the founders of the ‘Aarhus Vocal Festival’

RAMA Voices and Dopplers performing together Friday night

Join students from RAMA Vocal Center and the danish vocal ensemble Dopplers for an exclusive look behind the scenes. Here the singers join forces amid the pandemic providing the opportunity to experience some of the artistic tools taught at RAMA, such as Vocal Painting conducted by professor Jim Daus Hjernøe. There will also be a chance to experience a brand new song from Dopplers’ repertoire, called “Vejen hjem” (The road back home), describing the longing for relationships like we knew them before lockdown and isolation. And finally, we hope you will lend us your voice from behind the screen, so we may imagine ourselves on one big vocal harmony transcending virtual reality.

Astrid Vang-Pedersen

Astrid Vang-Pedersen is a choral conductor and performance designer. She has developed a specific method on staging choral performance, called Concert Design, and is currently working on her thesis on the subject of innovating classical concerts in collaboration with The Royal Danish Academy of Music and Roskilde University.
She conducts two vocal ensembles: Dopplers (www.dopplers.dk) and Papaya (www.papaya.dk), both focusing on embodied, the theatrical and communicative performance of vocal music, while she also facilitates workshops on the subject, teaches choral conducting freelance and composes music for choirs and theatre productions. Astrid and Dopplers have been selected to participate in the World Symposium on Choral Music in Barcelona 2017.

Jim Daus Hjernøe

Jim Daus Hjernøe is a full professor and the principal teacher in Jazz/Pop Choir at The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark (RAMA). He is head of RAMA Vocal Center, recognized internationally as a leading European center of Jazz/Pop Choir education, and online courses at the very highest level within this field. Jim Daus Hjernøe has focused on improvisational vocal art since 2002 and developed the innovative and revolutionary methodology ‘The Intelligent Choir’ with ‘Vocal Painting’ as one of the headliners. As a conductor, he has been touring internationally with his vocal ensembles VoxNorth and RAMA Voices and shared the stage with Bobby McFerrin (US) on several occasions. Jim has held many workshops, seminars, lectures, and courses for singers and conductors in Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, and Asia.

Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning

Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning is a professional singer, beatboxer, and technology enthusiast. He made his debut as a soloist in Vocal Management from the Royal Academy of Music, specializing in electronic voices in 2015. He has toured and taught workshops throughout Europe, Taiwan, and the United States and has written the book ‘Icebreakers – A practical approach to group dynamics’ which is published in English, German and Danish. The focal point of Kristoffer’s approach to group dynamics is energy, interaction, and humor. As a former singer of Vocal Line, his work in AAVF’s (Aarhus Vocal Festival) board and through Postyr’s concert and workshop company is well known on the international choral and vocal music scene for its pioneering approach to ‘e Cappella music’ (electronic a cappella) his songwriting and his riveting Icebreakers.
Kristoffer has performed together with Bobby McFerrin, Nabiha, Steffen Brandt, Tina Dico, DJ Static, Julie Maria, Mads Langer and others.

RoxorLoops & Jasmin Rose

RoxorLoops and Jasmin Rose, a beatboxer and singer duo, create their music using just the sounds that they can produce with the human voice. Their music is generally within the pop genre with hints of Nordic and Middle Eastern folk music. Belgian RoxorLoops is a beatbox legend with numerous titles and achievements and Danish/English Jasmin Rose is a multi-talented singer and soloist at the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg. Their latest performance together was in March ‘20 when they entered the Danish Eurovision with the song Human.
More About RoxorLoops and Jasmin Rose

We haven't found any speaker that matches you're criteria