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Voco Novo (Taiwan)

Founded in 2009, Voco Novo is one of the most unique A Cappella groups in Taiwan, creating music of their own, as well as digging deeply into the various
cultures on the island, which have become the group’s iconic style.

RAMA Voices

Spontaneously composed music directed by Jim Daus Hjernøe, featuring RAMA Voices and special guest stars from around the world. RAMA Voices uses Vocal Painting (VOPA), which is an extensive collection of advanced hand signals designed for vocal music to communicate non-verbally between conductor and singers.


The multiple award-winning vocal band UNDUZO not only inspires with a skilful mixture of polyphonic and catchy melodies and a charming and funny stage show but also with the profundity of their lyrics, great musicality and excellent voices. Their compositions are stylistically at home in the facets of pop music without resorting to style copies. A capella is the group’s creative tool: Different styles of singing interlock with beatbox and live-looped lines. The songs are musically written for instruments and arranged for vocals. With UNDUZO, the comedy aspect not only has great humor but clarity and depth.


Black Forest Voices

BLACK FOREST VOICES is the annual new vocal festival in southern Germany. At the festival, local solidarity and global connections are combined, diverse individuals with different backgrounds are brought together and professionals and amateurs are juxtaposed. People are learning with and from each other – across internal and external boundaries.
In addition to concerts by regional, national and international choirs and vocal bands, the focus of the festival is on further training for young choirs and a cappella singers, as well as teaching how to sing – especially singing together.
The festival was founded 2019 by the artistic director Tobias Hug.

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