Workshops Saturday Late Afternoon

Workshops Saturday Late Afternoon 16.15-18.00

Bring Vocal Stories to Life

What is it about some vocal arrangements that take you by surprise – bring tears to your eyes and make you reflect upon the lyrics in a way that you had never experienced when hearing the original version of the song?
Arranging vocal music is a unique form of art – especially if you are not just going to transcribe and copy the original song in an a cappella arrangement (also known as ’transanging’).
In this lecture Line Groth will demonstrate how you can interpret modern song lyrics in your vocal arrangement. The participants will be introduced to specific arranging tools and methods for arranging a cappella music in a way where you add something new to the original song. And the class will analyze arrangements that elegantly bring vocal stories to life in a new and authentic way. More on Line Groth

Vocal Improvisation and Interpretation

Personal Expression in Choirs and Vocal Groups
This is a workshop for singers and choir leaders who are curious about experimenting with vocal improvisation and interpretation in a choir context. How can the choir singers develop and explore their own voices and musicianship individually and let it affect the collective sound and expression of the choir? In this workshop we will focus on developing musical confidence, listening and responding with sensitivity interacting effectively with others. Malene will present concrete exercises from the book “Vocal Improvisation and Interpretation” (published 2021) written by Morten Kjær and her. This workshop is presented in collaboration with RAMA Vocal Center. More on Malene Rigtrup

Composing and arranging for voices

Anders Edenroth has been the main composer and arranger for The Real Group since the start in 1984. He has developed his own personal methods of writing and created pieces in a wide range of musical styles for TRG and other ensembles. The seminar will give an overall perspective on Anders’ work but also zoom in on details.
More on Anders Edenroth

Collaborative songwriting - The AAVF song - module 2

This workshop is mainly about the fun and the inspiration, the vibe emerging in the space between the participants.
From that energy, anything can happen. We will create music together on the spot. Musical input on-the-fly from participants will be facilitated by Peder Karlsson. The intended result of the workshop – the AAVF song – doesn’t have to be a very elaborated or long composition.
Please note that there may be opportunities to sing the workshop song(s) during various AAVF activities on the Saturday and Sunday.
Stay tuned with the process!
Please also note that copyrights of songs (melody + lyrics) that is written during this workshop and performed during AAVF 2022 belong to the AAVF. This workshop is presented in collaboration with RAMA Vocal Center. More on Peder Karlsson

Sing it out loud: Instrumental Voices

Much of contemporary a cappella is built around sounds and tectures that exist in a space between traditional vocal syllables and pure instrumental imitation. Using a jazz standard and movie theme song as examples, spend two hours singing your heart out while learning new sounds and phrasing that you can apply to any modern arrangement. More on Deke Sharon

Practice your improvisation skills

Do you love singing solo, but you are not sure how to make ad libs and personalize the music?
In this workshop, you will be presented with some hands-on improvisation techniques.
Everyone will have a chance to play around with their own interpretation of simple hooks and choruses.
More on Morten Kjær