Competition finalists

Vocal Group Competition

(in random order)
Fluition (D)
La Loba (DK)
WYSCH - Body Music Duo (CH)

Fluition (D)

The vocal band Fluition has been singing and grooving in Hanover, Germany since the end of 2019. Five voices with the common goal of writing and performing their own songs and arrangements. Different musical backgrounds and tastes lead to the varied repertoire of their own music and cover songs from Anastacia to the Real Group and Iron Maiden.
Fluition: Agnes Hapsari (soprano), Charlène Thomas (alto), Victor Visotsky (tenor), Jan Weigang (bariton), Erik Höppner (bass)”
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Vocal Band from Berlin. BAZAM is the flash of inspiration that strikes where seven young Berliners join forces. On stage, the team of singers ignites a vocal fireworks of a cappella smashers. It was only in 2019 that the band members found each other. Strangers became friends. Together, they want to create a spark that leaves the audience bedazzled. BAZAM plays with light and shadow. Banging pop numbers alternate with emotional depths. Rousing performances electrify the venue. And everyone sees: Something new is emerging.
BAZAM are Anna Brandt, Arik Elimelech, Bastian Holze, Sebastian Lang, Stella-Carlotta Pavel, Susi Studentkowski and Mirko Wienke.
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La Loba (DK)

La Loba is passion, maturity and rawness combined.
Based in Aarhus, Denmark, this vocal group features three experienced singers and conductors, Kristine Poulsgaard Tjørnholm, Merete Gry Jacobsen and Andrea Krüger Holm.
We sing an eclectic repertoire of contemporary music, ranging from pop and nordic jazz to folk and newly composed pieces. Our songs lead the audience into a multi-coloured landscape with both tender sunsets and grand horizons. The music may appear beautiful, groovy, or edgy, but always focused on personal interpretation of the intent in text and music and always arranged specifically for us. We work with dissonance/harmony, timing, sound, timbre and intonation. Using the fact that we are just three singers, we unfold both tightly composed pieces as well as improvised parts, which thrive from our desire to explore the possibilities of a vocal trio.
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WYSCH - Body Music Duo (CH)

WYSCH – Body Music Duo.
Corinne Schmidiger & Mattias Wyss, 1 duo, 2 voices, 4 hands, 4 feet and so many things to do with it. We are a body music duo from Switzerland. We love to cover songs of different styles and from all over the world. We love to groove and move with our hearts and souls. We love to try new things and improvise. We love the creative moments during our rehearsals as well as ginger tea. And of course we love to share our music and bring joy to others.
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The singers in the vocal quartet, HØST met with the common vision of creating a vocal playground where they, with their four voices and nothing else, would interpret and challenge the traditions of Nordic folk music as well as modern polyphonic singing. Inspired by Nordic instrumental folk, Bulgarian women’s choirs, and the harmonious universe of jazz, HØST create their own sound of melancholic Nordic sounds, powerful raw dissonances and melodic rhythm games.
HØST consists of:
Lene Høst (DK) – Vingefang, Alamente, leader of the choir Roots
Liv Vester (DK) – “Creative – without Nature?”, Huldrelokkk, Alamente
Maja Freese (DK) – Vesselil, Vingefang, Barani Duo, Mynsterland
Filippa Westerberg (SE) – Kaisin, Trio Videungar
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Choir Competition

in random order
Vocal Frostbite (DK)
Terrablue Voices (N)
Twäng (D)
STYV - Styrian Voices (A)
Sounding People (D)

Vocal Frostbite (DK)

Vocal Frostbite is a young female a cappella choir from Denmark. Vocal Frostbite sings nordic popular music in new vocal arrangements. Vocal Frostbite love to sing vocal covers of artists likes MØ, Fallulah, AURORA and Oh Land because the singers young female voices matches those types of nordic artists. The genre is a mix between popular music and classical music and the rythmic music gets a special nordic vibe in the combination of those two genres.

Terrablue Voices (N)

The voices are full of emotion and honesty. Whether it’s an inspiring rhythm or heartfelt song, the members of Terrablue voices have embraced their vocal painting since joining forces in 2015.
Terrablue voices are a vocal ensemble with 12-16 singers based in Sandefjord/Tønsberg in Vestfold. The ensemble was founded by the conductor and artistic leader, Kristina O. Gidefeldt in 2015, as a project during her Master studies of rhythmical choir direction at RAMA. The idea was to develop the “”intelligent choir”” through vocal painting and improvisation.
The ensemble combines improvisation with written arrangements. Much of the written repertoire are arranged and customized for the ensemble. Terrablue voices explore the use of microphones with loops and other technical devices and are crossing borders according to style and genre. The concert format is new and innovative, including the audience in the performance.
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Twäng! is an a cappella pop choir from Freiburg, Germany. Founded by young singers in 2014 with the goal of creating an ambitious but fun choir devoted to contemporary modern a cappella pop. Since then the choir has grown to a family-like group of 40 non-professional but experienced singers with a unique repertoire of songs, arranged solely for our eight-voice setup mostly by our conductor Adrian Goldner. On stage, we love to display our passion for singing together, which, underlined by choreographies, through rich sound and diverse arrangements, creates a spark which carries over to the audience. (Sometimes literally, as we are known for our love of glitter in our outfits and make up).
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STYV - Styrian Voices

The Styrian Voices aka STYV for short are a young austrian pop choir, which was founded in 2016 and since 2020 is a part of the Johann-Joseph-Fux-Konservatorium in Graz. STYV wants to be a platform for young talents and give them an outlet for their creativity, musicality and foster their enthusiasm. This project is supervised by the choir director Patrik Thurner and the beatboxer Ivory Parker.

Patrik Thurner is a singer, composer, arranger living in Graz/Austria that has studied jazz voice, voice pedagogy and jazz composition and arrangement. He is currently teaching pop voice at the Johann-Joseph-Fux-Konservatorium and the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW) where he also directs two pop choirs.
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Sounding People

Sounding People is an A Cappella Pop Collective from Dortmund, Germany. The choirs´ sound is driven by beatbox grooves, energetic bass lines and lush vocal harmony. They perform a mix of well known covers in their own versions as well as original songs written by group members. Sounding People has been founded in 2015 and since played extensively in Germany as well as internationally. In November 2021 they have won 1st prize at the World Choir Games” in the category of “Pop & Jazz ensembles”. The ensembles´ artistic leader is Indra Tedjasukmana, an award winning beatboxer, vocalist and arranger.
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