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Asia (10.00-11.00)

The singing style of Nanguan, China

Nanguan is one of the most ancient music from southern China. Its unique music style is still kept today. In this workshop, you will get to experience first hand and learn the singing style from Wang Xinxin, the greatest Nanguan musician in the world, and hear how Voco Novo, one of Taiwan’s leading vocal groups, mixes the ancient music from the West (a cappella) with the ancient music from the East.
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Voco Novo
Voco Novo
Christine Liu

Eastern Mediterranean (12.00-13.00)

This workshop will give you a presentation by two RAMA Vocal Center alumni who have taken “rhythmic” a cappella music to the next level in the eastern Mediterranean area!

Chromas from Turkey and their director Başak Doğan will take us on a unique journey through Vocal Painting and Turkish microtonal music in the workshop. The out of the familiar melodies of Turkish folk music will meet improvisation in a setting where the choir also work on the sound, blend and groove of the repertoire music.

IsraelHellscore and conductor Noa Gruman
The Power Chord is one of the key elements of Rock and Metal music. It is usually played on an electric guitar with a distortion effect to fill the song with a powerful wall of sound. Now how can we translate that sound, being oh-so-forbidden in classical music, into vocal music? I’ve experimented and tried different approaches with my choir, Hellscore. Let’s look into some vocal techniques, arrangement ideas, and choir tricks to help achieve this distinctive sound together. We will explore this by looking at our Slipknot A Cappella Cover of “Unsainted” in an interactive workshop where you can join Hellscore and sing with us.


Europe - Education (13.00-14.00)

A presentation on Jazz/Pop Choir education at higher education in Europe by RAMA Vocal Center in Denmark, Global Music Programme at SIBA in Finland, and Codarts from the Netherlands

RAMA Vocal Center, Denmark
How do you make vocal music sound just ‘right’ when it comes to styles such as pop, rock, jazz, gospel, world, improvisation, and vocal painting? Jazz/Pop Choir studies at the European Voices Award-winning RAMA Vocal Center provide the answers to meet this challenge. Students from across the World come to assemble a world-class teacher team, ensuring the highest pedagogical and artistic level of all: Malene Rigtrup, Peder Karlsson, Jesper Holm, and Jim Daus Hjernøe.

Global Music Program, Sibelius Academy (SIBA), University of Arts, Finland.
The presentation by lecturer Merzi Rajala will present Sibelius Academy Global Choir Leadership studies with the help of Global Music students.
Merzi Rajala is a Finnish non-contemporary choral music conducting pioneer, singer, composer and pedagogue. She is specialised in popular music, including world music genres and fusions, connection and choral improvisation, games, playfulness, and believes in choral music performed with honesty, groove, genuine presence and authentic energy.

Vocal Leadership Programme at Codarts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Welcome to Alkmaar (NL) where a small group of teachers and students is going to demonstrate what is going on at the Vocal Leadership programme in the Netherlands! We plan to combine an original composition of Marlou with our Vocal Leadership in School (VLIS) methods, Move & Groove ideas, vocal painting and mic technique! The entire team is ready to bring you some groovy vibes!

Global Music Program, Sibelius Academy (SIBA), University of Arts, Finland
Vocal Leardership Programme at Codarts in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

South Africa (14.00-15.00)

Meet Ralf Schmitt who is a renowned South African musician, conductor, composer and producer.
Ralf has a passion for the preservation and promotion of indigenous South African folk music and he will introduce us to powerful history of traditional singing in South Africa. Ralf is the conductor and co-founder of the Ndlovu Youth Choir, best known internationally for reaching the final of of Americas Got Talent, Season 14.

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Ralf Schmitt
Ndlovu Youth Choir

The Americas (16.00-17.00)

Vocal music in the Americas featuring representation from Brazil and the US

Vocal music workshop with Frederico Trindade on Popular Brazillian rhytms, involving percussion and body percussion, with original arrangements. Federico Trindade is a conductor, arranger and composer, as well as the artistic director of Grupo UPA from Porte Alegre, Brazil.

Contemporary a cappella in the US
This workshop will give an overview of the origins of contemporary a cappella in the United States, including popular repertoire, groups, and competitions.
Kari Francis is an avid vocalist, arranger, and choral music educator based in New York City. You can find her arranging vocal charts, directing choruses, and leading workshops on topics such as musicianship, arranging, vocal percussion, and creative teaching.

Kari Francis, USA
Federico Trindade, Brazil
The Americas

Special Sounds (11.00-12.00)

In this workshop, you will meet three outstanding performers, with a speciality in using “special sounds” in their performances.

Meet RoxorLoops – Beatboxer
RoxorLoops became Belgian Champion at 20 and Vice World Champion a year after. He is a regular member of international beatbox contest juries. To date, Roxorloops is considered by many as the best beatboxer in the world although he clearly states there is no best. He has worked with some top a cappella groups such as The Swingle Singers, The Real Group, Witloof Bay, Voces8 and VoxNorth.
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Meet Anna-Marie Hefele – Overtone Singer
Usually singers work with overtones in a way, that they are perceived as vowels, vowel colors, timbre or sound color. That way the overtone spectrum is perceived as the sum of the individual overtones, creating the individual sound color. In overtone singing we work with specific overtones, amplifying and filtering them out of the primal sound of the voice in order to make them audible individually to create the impression of a person singing 2 notes at the same time.
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Meet Petra Poutanen
In this workshop, Petra Poutanen introduces her ways of using extreme sounds as a part of creating an improvised soundscape or as an element of arranging a song. She will perform parts of her solo project and give some tips on how to start building towards whole-body resonance when using voice.
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Anna-Marie Hefele
Petra Poutanen

Singing in a Vocal Band (15.00-16.00)

What is it That Makes This a Unique Experience?

David Thomas and Alvin Chea (Take 6), Essi Wuorela and Soila Sariola (Rajaton),Anders Edenroth and Katarina Henryson (The Real Group).
Moderator: Peder Karlsson, a current teacher at RAMA and former member of The Real Group.

Take 6
With 10 Grammy Awards, 10 Dove Awards, 2 NAACP Image Awards, a Soul Train Award, and more, Take 6 has brought extraordinary vocals to their worldwide audiences for more than three decades. Any singer who aspires for vocal excellence cannot overlook the contributions these men have made to music. Take 6 has performed with and won praise from such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, and Whitney Houston, to name a very few.

The Finnish word Rajaton translates as “boundless” – a word that says something about how this six-voice a cappella ensemble approaches music. Regularly performing around a hundred concerts and workshops each year, Rajaton exposes its audiences worldwide to a diversity of repertoire, singing style, and stage presentation.In 2017, Rajaton celebrated 20 years of music-making with one double platinum, three platinum and eight gold records in Finland.

About The Real Group
The Real Group is a Swedish vocal group that has been touring for more than 30 years. With a unique musical expression in a field between jazz, pop and Northern European choral music, The Real Group is considered one of the leading forces in the world of vocal music. The Real Group was formed in 1984 by five students at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. The group quickly gained an international audience and has grown to become one of the cornerstones of modern a cappella.

Take 6
The Real Group

Improvisation (17.00-18.00)

In this workshop, you will meet three outstanding performers and teachers specialised in vocal improvisation.
Roger Treece
Jim Daus Hjernøe