Workshops Saturday Early Afternoon

Workshops Saturday Early Afternoon 14.15-16.00

With the base in the body

If you can sing it, you can dance it. If you can dance it, you can play it. And then switch it around. We will meet on the floor, combining these three elements with our own expression and different well known rhythm patterns which are probably already flowing somewhere in your body.
So be prepared for a lot of groove, interaction, improvisation and creativity in a musical setting with clear frames. It is not about being perfect; it is not about doing “right”. It is more about going into your body and the music, and leave your inner judge outside the door. There will be drums, dance and singing, and all you need to do, is to step into it with your curiosity and whatever body you have.
More on Lena Gregersen

Tradition and Innovation

There is a reason why some songs have survived for centuries and are still being sung today. Songs like Greensleeves, Scarborough Fair and The Water is Wide are famous throughout most of the world due to a strong melody and strong lyrics.
I love working with powerful old songs that still have something to tell us. And in this workshop we will sing a brand new vocal arrangements of one of the songs mentioned above – an arrangement where we try to tell the story in a new way and bring the song up to date with a touch of 2021.
Apart from learning the arrangement we will explore how you can sing these old songs with a vocal sound and expression that is respectful to the original material – yet still have a modern and authentic sound and feeling. We will work on our phrasing, our vocal technique and our interpretation skills and together we will try to give one the oldest known songs in history a new life. More on Line Groth

The human voice – your ”fingerprint“ in sound

It’s said that the voice is the mirror of the soul. Every one of us does indeed sound unique, although we share the same physiological equipment. Have you ever wondered why this is? The human voice is extremely versatile and can create a wide variety of sounds, like a synthesizer, and it can communicate expressively in many different musical genres. Voices singing together can learn to adapt their sound to create an efficient choral blend, while singers in a cappella groups need to keep their unique timbre yet also blend with the group sound. By experimenting with imitation, improvisation, call and response and primal sounds we can expand our palette of vocal colours for more flexibility in rehearsal and performance. The workshop will begin with a short presentation. Come join this interactive voyage of vocal discovery as we explore many different tools for your vocal toolbox!
This workshop is presented in collaboration with EVTA. More on Eleanor Forbes

Contemporary A Cappella Arranging

For the first hour, learn how to create a great contemporary a cappella arrangement using a tried and true 10 step formula that will have you thinking differently about how to approach music, and for the second hour we’ll “go deep,” including a look at the physics of sound and how they apply to arranging and tuning. More on Deke Sharon

Holistic Vocal Journey

Using traditional hymns, collective improvisation and soundscapes Tuuletar will invite the participants to reconnect themselves with their body, mind, spirit and voice. Through slow and gentle exercises the group will take a collective journey, where ancient chants, energizing breathing, grounding body movements and soothing harmonies create an empowering experience. More on Tuuletar

All Ears

All Ears is a workshop developed by Anders Edenroth and Katarina Henryson that focuses on the ability to listen. It addresses the individual singers responsibility in a group at the same time as it proves the power of the collective movement. The idea is to provide a tool for ensembles to develop trust and initiative by heightening the level of the way you listen.
We will do exercises that raises the sensitivity of how we can hear each other in the room and talk about the individual and collective aspects of this. We will be singing a simple song (no preparation needed) for nearly the whole session and work in two groups to exemplify how the group can challenge and expand the listening ability.
This workshop can be done with all levels of singers and needs no preparation other than it demands a lot of focus. More on Anders Edenroth

Improve your performance

In this workshop Panda is going to work with one or two groups, watch their Performance and locate the
different parameters they can improve, help them create a common framework,
understand the concept of working with Performance, and give them concrete ideas on
how to improve their performance. More on Panda von Proosdij

Workshop for AAVF Supporters 2022

Sing Simon and Sting with Jens

Sing Simon & Sting with Jens

In this workshop, we will be celebrating two of my old heroes: Paul Simon (80) and Sting (70).
I have been fascinated by these two fantastic singers/composers through my whole life.
For more than 50 years, Paul Simon has been exploring different musical styles from all over the world, and Sting has never been afraid of making significant political statements. Of course, we will only have short time to dive into their music, but I hope you will enjoy the moment! More on Jens Johansen