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Play It By Voice

Rhythm, harmony and inspiration in a cappella music with Peder Karlsson

How can we create a safe space for creativity in rehearsals, while also learning new songs, while also learning the basics of ensemble singing?
In this session, Peder Karlsson will give you two webinar presentations:
• Leadership in choirs and vocal groups
• Group Creativity
Plus a few examples on exercises, for rehearsals online as well as on location:
• Unlock your potential: Rhythm, intonation and blending for ensemble singers
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Conductor's Toolbox

With Jesper Holm

Should Pop & Jazz Choirs be Conducted? If so, then when? How? From where? Body language in different styles. A workshop about innovative choir leading with the focus on conducting technique.
Spontaneous response to the magic hand. Keep it Simple. Only show what’s needed. Remove “Noise”. Examples from the App: “Conductor’s Toolbox” will be used.
The workshop will also include some words about: How to instruct Pop & Jazz choirs. Focus on learning technique. “Don’t sing wrong! Why spend time correcting what you learned wrong?” Use the appropriate methodology and learn only what’s right. Prep work, “The 5 Focus Areas”, Floor- Roof, Work in Reverse, Loop and Improve. Use Conducting and Vocal Painting. Speak Less. Improvise. Make variations. Have fun learning.
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Vocal Arranging & Composing

With Malene Rigtrup

This workshop will focus on modern vocal music composed and arranged for choirs and vocal groups. Malene will present her thoughts about “A vocal idea” and the creative process of writing directly for voices. Focusing on working methods and choice of material, she will also give you ideas about how to re-arrange and add new parts in an already existing song. Malene will show concrete examples of songs composed by her students at RAMA Vocal Center and present some of her arrangements.
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Vocal Painting

With Jim Daus Hjernøe

The Intelligent Choir (TIC) refers to his musical philosophy and concept of training choir conductors to inspire choristers to share responsibility for the musical process. The concept includes a pedagogical and artistic methodology with Vocal Painting signs as a headliner. The Vocal Painting (VOPA) system offers an advanced set of tools to lend shape and structure to improvisation and the traditional repertoire in any choir. Both conductors and singers can implement live arranging, live composing, re-arranging, re-composing, and using contrasting elements such as shifting keys, modules and time signature, etc., during a performance.
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