Workshops Sunday Early Afternoon

Workshops Sunday Early Afternoon 14.15-16.00

Wild Voice

This is a workshop that gives playful and safe tools to explore the possibilities of ones own extreme in voice and its limit(lessness).
We will do exercises on how to start building towards whole body resonance when using voice. We will use some repertoire on Finno-Ugrian song tradition and folk singing to get as into the mood, meaning close harmonies and loud voices.
This workshop includes warm-up of body, voice and mind so that we are ready to let unnecessary control go and let ourselves sound silly if needed.
The esthetic goal is to work with singer’s own individual sound and it’s strength instead of a fixed sound ideal. We will also give space to improvisation and listening not only with ears but the whole body.

Beatbox choir

Since there is a rising number of beatboxers and vocal percussionists, we envision a collaborative project ensemble made up of vocal performers with abilities in beatboxing and vocal percussion as well as vocal effects and sounds. Leaning on the idea that at London A Cappella-Festival there was a bass choir (“Woofer”), at festivals throughout the world there is now “single singers”, let´s try out a whole new format!
The ensemble will “sing / percuss / beatbox” 1-2 short rhythm based pieces composed and conducted by Indra Tedjasukmana (Germany.) The pieces will soundwise be partly fixed, but partly also open to the sounds and abilities of the individual workshop participants.
This ensemble is open to anyone who has decent, intermediate or even advanced skills in beatboxing and/or vocal percussion. Scores and mockup sounds will be sent to the participants beforehand the festival. Maybe even a zoom kick off could be thinkable. Depending on the number of registered performers this can be a small compact ensemble or a large ensemble, but exciting for sure!

Indra Tedjasukmana

James Rose

The Enlightening Guide to Improved Tuning

Join James Rose, from international vocal jazz group Accent, in an illuminating and interactive workshop to improve your vocal group’s chord-tuning. This Enlightening Guide is divided into two halves. We first tackle the question: “What can we learn about tuning when we think about the function each note has in a chord?” Participants will engage in exercises to help develop chord-function, or ‘vertical’ awareness. Secondly, we ask: “What can we learn about tuning, when we ditch the piano and tune to the natural harmonics already within our voices?” This will include a guided study of ‘Just Intonation’, a naturally-occurring intonation system, based on the harmonic series. This workshop offers both practical exercises and theoretical approaches, to inspire you to develop your tuning ‘ear’ and consequently to improve the resonant quality of your vocal group.

Connect & Play

What is the essence of the communication within the choir?
This workshop investigates how physical and sonic energy help us create meaningful music. Through years of experience on stage, improvisational works with Songs Of The Moment and flirting with performances art, it’s obvious to me that when singing resonates with the body and the physical frame you are in, it increases the impact on all levels. This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but how do you make it a part of our practice? Hopefully we will find a few answers and most likely new questions in this session, that will include movement and improvisational elements.


Singing can benefit from movement and staging but which movement or formation is suitable? This workshop will provide concrete tools to create a functional and beautiful way to support musical pieces. When singers use their body it is easier for them to connect, find flow and to be able to work together as a group on stage. Using movements and formations can also create a frame for an arrangement and bring out the layers. It makes a piece visible.
Topics: supporting movements connected to dynamics, formations, transitions, designing a concert.
*Choireography is a term invented to point out that my work is about movements for singers which supports singing.

Sing It Out Loud: Groove like a pro

We will go through the basic conducting technics focusing on the tools needed when working with rhythmical choir.
Other than that Tine will demonstrate some of the best and most efficient methods of rehearsal technics when we sing parts of some arrangements which we will then conduct together.
Mainly in smaller groups, but you will also be given the chance to stand in front of the whole choir as a conductor and have feed-back on you conducting technics.