Workshops Sunday Late Afternoon

Workshops Sunday Late Afternoon 16.15-18.00

The energetic youth choir

How do we find the right energy on stage ?
How do we manage that our choir performance doesn’t just sound, but also looks great ?
How can we unify and synchronise our movements as a group while still maintaining our individuality and perform with integrity? The main focus of this workshop is the work with youth choirs, but the methods can also be perfectly applied to adult singers. Primarily, the participants of this workshop will learn the methods actively. The singers of Mariagerfjord Pigekor are joining this workshop to demonstrate how the methods work with singers in a youth choir. In this workshop we learn a few methods of how we can move in a choir with a sense of style and authenticity. These methods are not just theoretical, but we will apply them straight away with songs and examples of music. Our focus is on how to be in contact and interaction with our fellow singers and on being conscious how our movements can affect an audience. We’ll work with different levels of energy that can help amplify the musical expression. Expect this to be fun – Let’s get the party started ! More on Christian Fris-Ronsfeld

Beatbox Masters

All beatboxers and vocal percussionists are welcome at this workshop. Whether you have just been practicing beatbox for 2 weeks, or are a professional beatboxer. Every participant will get some individual time with a beatbox master to work on the elements they want to improve. The whole room, including the teacher, will benefit from this process, where we dive deep into the details of beatbox. Different snares, better breath control, singing and beatboxing, new patterns, different styles, clean hi hats, throat bass, vocal scratch, microphone settings… Let’s take it to the next level! More on Roxorloops

Single Singers - module 2

Visiting AAVF on your own? Join the Single Singers!
You are coming to Aarhus alone or without a group to sing with. You’re an experienced singer and you enjoy all of the great concerts and workshops. But…. what you would actually really like to do, is to perform at the festival yourself. Look no further. Join the Single Singers!
You will be provided with sheet music to prepare your parts at home. We’ll have just two rehearsals and then a stunning performance on a big stage at the festival. You will certainly impress your vocal friends around the world and you will be part of the ever growing international Single Singers community!
So, if you’re coming to AAVF on your own, or without a complete group to perform with, contact us about joining The Single Singers at AAVF.
You have to:
- have a festival pass
- come on your own or with only part of your group
- be able to learn your parts at home
- be able to attend to both rehearsals and the performance (TBA)
You can apply or ask for more information via or, if you’re on Facebook, via Annemarie Homan or Emily May ‘t Hoen.

Finnish Folk Magic

In this workshop we will be diving into Finnish polyphonic songs or repertoires, both old folk singing and new compositions that are inspired by tradition. Focus is on strong chest voice and expressive singing, polyrhythms and mix of traditional sounds and melodies in new context. This workshop gives participants knowledge and practical tools to work with these subjects further with their own groups if these styles feel inspiring. We will sing some short parts of compositions and find out what is essential in them in terms of understanding the styles. Finnish language can be percussive in itself and its vowels have some rough energy. We aim to an earthly and muddy groove. More on Petra Poutanen

From Concept to Creation

In this workshop Clare will talk about creating authentic and meaningful reimaginations of music for your vocal group or choir. Why or how to choose your music, what elements to keep and what to reimagine, and how to bring it to life. It will include excerpts of her arrangements and the chance to sing the music.
More on Clare Wheeler