Workshops Saturday Morning

Workshops Saturday 4th of June 10.15-12.00

Stage Presence and Concert Design

Stage presence
Musicians’ presence and visual appearances during a concert play a crucial role in the audience’s responsiveness to the music and overall experience of the concert. Many musicians are unknowingly standing in the way of their own music, by visually sending confusing signals to the audience, and are unaware of all the potential that lies within framing the music right and creating an emotional journey within the concert. I will share concrete methods and tools to maintain the audience’s attention, responsiveness, and curiosity throughout the whole concert.

The Concert Design Concept – Creating magical vocal worlds by Astrid Vang Pedersen
How do you create a captivating staging of your choir performance? – This lecture helps you reflect on the question by introducing The Concert Design Concept. Concert Design is a conceptual and practical approach to designing embodied, aesthetic and communicative choral music performances developed by PhD Astrid Vang-Pedersen through her doctoral research and practice. The Concert Design Concept provides methods to reflect on the concert situation as an event and tools for singers to expand their skills as performers. In the lecture, The Concert Design Concept will be introduced and illustrated, providing insight into the craft of designing choral performances through thoughtful choices regarding visual, embodied and communicative elements. The presentation will end with a Q & A session.

Finnish Vocal Madness

This workshop will introduce the participants to a vibrant world of Tuuletar’s vocal sounds as well as the fascinating Finnish language. The four versatile vocalists from Tuuletar present several different sounds, effects and techniques, many of them deriving from Finnish, Nordic and Carelian musical heritage. The participants will get a taste of Finnish folk singing (and dancing!) and learn a few special tricks, licks and kicks from Tuuletar’s unique repertoire.
More on Tuuletar

Making a song your own!

You will choose one of 2 American Songbook Standards and walk through the steps to “owning the music”. We will explore the personal connection to the lyric, make the rhythm conversational, embellish the melody, add reharmonization, experiment with grooves, tempos and time signatures; and eventually implement arranging ideas. You will discover what is important to you in the song, embrace the essence of the piece, and lift it off of the page. We will emphasize the musical tools of phrasing, dynamics, and improvisation. After we’ve covered some of this new territory, we will break into teams and create a unique version of each of the songs. Together, we will make a new musical statement and reinvent these tunes to encompass your own musical vision. If you contribute a part of yourself to the song, it will resonate with everyone. It’s also important to develop good quality material; you may end up singing YOUR song for your entire career! More on Kim Nazarian

E Cappella - Electronic Vocal Music

This workshop offers the opportunity to come behind the scenes of the technical side of professional choirs and vocal groups and get a better understanding of how modern vocal music is made to work on albums and on stage. Participants will also get the chance to try out different vocal effects and other creative ways to transform a voice. You will get to listen to different examples of E Cappella and talk about the use of InEar, effects like delays, loops, backtrack and autotune, how to make a good live-sound and effects on stage.
One part of the workshop will be a presentation, the other part an experience of singing into the machines and try different InEar options.
It’s for everyone and there will be time for questions in the end. More on Kristoffer Fynbo Thorning

Collaborative songwriting - The AAVF song - module 1

This workshop is mainly about the fun and the inspiration, the vibe emerging in the space between the participants.
From that energy, anything can happen.
We will create music together on the spot. Musical input on-the-fly from participants will be facilitated by Peder Karlsson.
The intended result of the workshop – the AAVF song – doesn’t have to be a very elaborated or long composition.
Please note that there may be opportunities to sing the workshop song(s) during various AAVF activities on the Saturday and Sunday.
Stay tuned with the process!

Please also note that copyrights of songs (melody + lyrics) that is written during this workshop and performed during AAVF 2022 belong to the AAVF. This workshop is presented in collaboration with RAMA Vocal Center. More on Peder Karlsson

Meet The Real Group

Meet The Real Group is a session where the new, young line up will introduce themselves and talk about their personal experiences when they joined the ensemble. It was done in the middle of a world wide pandemic so the circumstances were quite challenging. There is also plenty of room for Q&A from the participants. In this meet and greet session you will get to know Clara Fornander, Joanné Nugas, Johannes Rückert Becker, Axel Berntzon and Daniele Dees a little better.
More on The Real Group

Metal A cappella

Wait, what? Metal music performed with human voices only?
Welcome to a unique experience, where we will learn and practice an A Cappella arrangement for a Metal song, without compromising the style – it will be powerful, heavy, and energetic.
In this workshop we will touch some vocal techniques that are common in Rock and Metal singing, and will help us achieve a unique sound together. We will go through the score of the arrangement and learn the parts (sight reading will be helpful but is not a necessity), and by the end of the workshop, we will sing it together!
It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced singer. All you need is an open mind and your voice, so get ready to step outside of your comfort zone and experience something new and awesome. More on Noa Gruman

Breath, Boundaries and Balloons

Integrated Movement-Based Vocal Activities
With Jazzation we seek harmony as a lifestyle, creating a safe ground for experimentation, improvisation and self-expression. I love guiding people in how they may reach this safe ground in which freedom and creativity can start sprouting and then blooming. Breath, Boundaries and Balloons” provide a selection of interactive activities for whole-body expression that integrate motion into vocal music. Let’s meet and greet our own physical and spiritual boundaries in a gentle way, in a protected zone! Then let’s take a deep breath, and through interactions let’s take the first steps towards freedom of expression, exploring the power we own and may share.
Recommendation: Wear supportive, soft soled shoes or socks, and comfortable, cozy clothes in which you can move freely!
Notification: In this workshop we use balloons (biodegradable). Therefore, attendance is not recommended for those who have globophobia. More on Katus Varallyay

Katus Varallyay

Singing Games and Improvisation

Vocal music isn’t all about arrangements and vocal parts; Most world cultures have a tradition of a cappella singing that relies on nothing but one’s ear and voice. Learn the fundamentals of improvising pop songs, how to sing a “circle song,” and how to improvise music without any rules or boundaries.
Sometimes used as warmups, sometimes used to help build focus or musical precision, sometimes used to help build confidence in improvisation, this seminar teaches a number of different singing games that can be enjoyed by all ages. More on Deke Sharon

Sing it out loud: Epic pop

In the Sing It Out Loud workshops the main goal is to do just that; Sing It Out Loud! The center of the workshop is some catchy arrangements that is guaranteed to stick to you all day. Did you ever dream of standing like a hero on the rock and filling the whole universe with your sound? Do you want to experience how it feels, when the choir sound and vibrations in the room are streaming through every inch of your body and give you tons of goosebumps? Congratulations! This workshop is the right place for you ☺ . We will work on 1-2 arrangements that have focus on epic melodies, that you really can sing out loud with your full body. The room will be filled with high energy, powerful sound and body movement and joyful smiles. In this workshop we will also work on performance techniques to get the right expression into the music and body language. Having said all that, remember that it’s primarily about having fun singing. This workshop is presented in collaboration with Kor72. More on Christian Fris-Ronsfeld